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Intuitionistic Formal Spaces — A First Communication
The notion of formal space was introduced by Fourman and Grayson [FG] only a few years ago, but it is only a recent though important step of a long story whose roots involve such names as Brouwer andExpand
Topology and duality in modal logic
Analyse de la semantique de la logique propositionnelle module normale par des approches algebrique et relationnelle
Toward a minimalistic foundation for constructive mathematics
  • M. Maietti, G. Sambin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • From sets and types to topology and analysis
  • 2005
Inductively generated formal topologies
We give a systematic exposition of one of the main tools in formal topology: inductive generation. Expand
Basic logic: reflection, symmetry, visibility
We introduce a sequent calculus B for a new logic, named basic logic. Expand
An effective fixed-point theorem in intuitionistic diagonalizable algebras
SummaryWithin the technical frame supplied by the algebraic variety of diagonalizable algebras, defined by R. Magari in [2], we prove the following:LetT be any first-order theory with a predicate PrExpand
A New Proof of Sahlqvist's Theorem on Modal Definability and Completeness
On donne une demonstration simplifiee du theoreme de Sahlqvist sur la completude et la correspondance d'une large classe de formules modales, en se servant ici d'arguments topologiques. Expand
The modal logic of provability. The sequential approach
Subdirectly Irreducible Modal Algebras and Initial Frames
  • G. Sambin
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Stud Logica
  • 1 March 1999
The duality between general frames and modal algebras allows to transfer a problem about the relational (Kripke) semantics into algebraic terms, and conversely we prove that the modal algebra A is subdirectly irreducible if and only if the dual frame A* is generated. Expand