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Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval
Introduction to modern information retrieval as the choice of reading, you can find here. Expand
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Term-Weighting Approaches in Automatic Text Retrieval
The experimental evidence accumulated over the past 20 years indicates that textindexing systems based on the assignment of appropriately weighted single terms produce retrieval results that are superior to those obtainable with other more elaborate text representations. Expand
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A vector space model for automatic indexing
In a document retrieval, or other pattern matching environment where stored entities are compared with each other or with incoming patterns (search requests), it appears that the best indexing (property) space is one where each entity lies as far away from the others as possible; in these circumstances the value of an indexing system may be expressible as a function of the density of the object space; in particular, retrieval performance may correlate inversely with space density. Expand
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Extended Boolean information retrieval
A new, extended Boolean information retrieval system is introduced which is intermediate between the Boolean system of query processing and the vector processing model. Expand
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Improving retrieval performance by relevance feedback
Relevance feedback is an automatic process, introduced over 20 years ago, designed to produce improved query formulations following an initial retrieval operation. Expand
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Automatic Information Organization And Retrieval
We will show you a new book enPDFd automatic information organization and retrieval that can be a new way to explore the knowledge. Expand
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On the Specification of Term Values in Automatic Indexing
The existing practice in automatic indexing is reviewed, and it is shown that the standard theories for the specification of term values (or weights) are not adequate. Expand
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Developments in Automatic Text Retrieval
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  • 30 August 1991
The text analysis problem is examined, and modern approaches leading to the identification and retrieval of selected text items in response to search requests are discussed. Expand
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