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Theory and Observation in Islamic Astronomy: The Work of IBN AL-SHĀTIR of Damascus
I am aware of only one study that is especially devoted to the relationship between theory and astronomical observations in medieval times, namely an article of Bernard Goldstein, which discussesExpand
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The Meaning of al‐jabr wa'l‐muqābalah
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Planispheric Astrolabes from the National Museum of American History
Gibbs, Sharon, with George Sahba. Planispheric Astrolabes from the National Museum of American History. Smithsonian Studies in History and Technology, number 45, 231 pages, 130 figures, 23 tables,Expand
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Arabic versus Greek Astronomy: A Debate over the Foundations of Science
  • G. Saliba
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  • 1 December 2000
This short note is occasioned by the publication of a review essay by A. I. Sabra in this journal, under the title “Conaguring the Universe: Aporetic, Problem Solving, and Kinematic Modeling asExpand
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Solar Observations at the Maraghah Observatory before 1275: A New Set of Parameters
Most of what we now know about the Maraghah observatory is derived from the thorough research of Aydin Sayili.' In his book, The observatory in Islam, Sayili has determined the founding date of thisExpand
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Book Review: Biruni's Mathematical Geography, a Commentary upon Biruni's Kitāb Taḥdīd al-'Amākin
analysis of data, they will be judged by the advances in understanding that they stimulate. The possible impact of a supernova on terrestrial conditions is a particularly provocative and trickyExpand
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The Height of the Atmosphere According to Mu'ayyad al‐D?n al‐‘Urd?, Qutb al‐D?n Al‐Sh?rāz?, and Ibn Mu‘ādh a
HIS PAPER is a textual study of three medieval Islamic texts dealing with the T problem of the height of the atmosphere, hoping to establish the relationships among them. These texts are: (1) AExpand
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Studies in Medieval Islamic Technology (review)
This book is slightly different from the usual Variorum book wherein the author, or someone acting on his or her behalf, decides to collect under a common theme a set of articles already published inExpand
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