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The External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective.
Examines how external constraints affect organizations and how to design and manage organizations under such constraints. Taking a resource dependence perspective on organizations, the book discussesExpand
A social information processing approach to job attitudes and task design.
The social information processing perspective emphasizes the effects of context and the consequences of past choices, rather than individual predispositions and rational decision-making processes, to explain job attitudes. Expand
Institutional Change and the Transformation of Interorganizational Fields: An Organizational History of the U.S. Radio Broadcasting Industry
? 1991 by Cornell University. 0001 -8392/91/3603-0333/$1 .00. The research reported here explores how institutional practices change over time in an interorganizational field, in the historicalExpand
Corporate attributions as strategic illusions of management control.
Gerald R. Salancik and James R. Meindl This paper examines the reasons given by CEOs to explain their firms' performance in annual stockholder reports over an 18-year period, comparing firms withExpand
Organizational Discretion in Responding to Institutional Practices: Hospitals and Cesarean Births
The authors thank Rob Burns, Huseyin Leblebici, Ann Flood, and Randy Brown for comments on earlier versions of this paper. This paper has also benefited from the helpful comments of the associateExpand
Organizational Decision Making as a Political Process: The Case of a UniversityBudget.
The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Janice Barton, Karen Riley, and Ray Zammuto in the data collection and the support of the Bureau of Economic and Business Research at theExpand
An examination of need-satisfaction models of job attitudes.
September 1977, volume 22 A need-satisfaction theoretical model has been ubiquitous in studies and writings on job attitudes and, by extension, motivation, job design, and other organizationalExpand