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Combining acoustic and articulatory feature information for robust speech recognition
Abstract The idea of using articulatory representations for automatic speech recognition (ASR) continues to attract much attention in the speech community. Representations which are grouped under theExpand
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Can Machines Think? Interaction and Perspective Taking with Robots Investigated via fMRI
Background When our PC goes on strike again we tend to curse it as if it were a human being. Why and under which circumstances do we attribute human-like properties to machines? Although humansExpand
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Integration of Action and Language Knowledge: A Roadmap for Developmental Robotics
This position paper proposes that the study of embodied cognitive agents, such as humanoid robots, can advance our understanding of the cognitive development of complex sensorimotor, linguistic, andExpand
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BIRON - The Bielefeld Robot Companion
In the recent past, service robots that are able to interact with humans in a natural way have become increasingly popular. A special kind of service robots that are designed for personal use at homeExpand
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ERNEST: A Semantic Network System for Pattern Understanding
The authors give a detailed account of a system environment for treating general problems of image and speech understanding. A framework for representing declarative and procedural knowledge based onExpand
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The bielefeld anthropomorphic robot head “Flobi”
A robot's head is important both for directional sensors and, in human-directed robotics, as the single most visible interaction interface. However, designing a robot's head faces contradictingExpand
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Providing the basis for human-robot-interaction: a multi-modal attention system for a mobile robot
In order to enable the widespread use of robots in home and office environments, systems with natural interaction capabilities have to be developed. A prerequisite for natural interaction is theExpand
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Conversational speech recognition using acoustic and articulatory input
The combination of multiple speech recognizers based on different signal representations is increasingly attracting interest in the speech community. In previous work we presented a hybrid speechExpand
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Learning Human-Like Movement Behavior for Computer Games
Modern Computer Game AI still relies on rulebased approaches, so far failing to develop a convincing, human-like opponent. Towards the development of more human-like computer game agents, we proposeExpand
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Methods for automatic microarray image segmentation
This paper describes image processing methods for automatic spotted microarray image analysis. Automatic gridding is important to achieve constant data quality and is, therefore, especiallyExpand
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