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Application of Optimal Control Theory to Dynamic Soaring of Seabirds
Optimal control theory is applied as a method for determining the minimum wind strength required for dynamic soaring of seabirds. Dynamic soaring is a flight technique by which seabirds extractExpand
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Path-attitude decoupling and flying qualities implications in hypersonic flight
The hypersonic flight regime shows a decoupling of pitch attitude and flight path responses to pitch control inputs, and the resulting unique path-attitude response characteristics. Expand
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Robust control concept for a hypersonic test vehicle
For an unmanncd hypersonic test vchiclc nit11 ramjct propulsion, pitch control requircmenls and dyiiamics characteristics are considered. Expand
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Determining the Intersection of Parametric Surfaces by Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
Calcul de l'intersection de deux surfaces parametriques par resolution d'un systeme d'equations differentielles
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Optimal Wind Energy Extraction for Dynamic Soaring
Dynamic soaring is a flight technique for extracting energy from a horizontal wind, whose strength varies with altitude. Optimal control theory is used for dealing with the problem of minimum windExpand
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Dynamic Soaring in Shear Wind Regions Associated with Jet Streams
Dynamic soaring enables an energy gain by transferring energy from the moving air in a horizontal shear wind region to the saiplane.  There are shear wind regions associated with jet streams,Expand
Robust control of a hypersonic experimental vehicle with ramjet engines
A ramjet propelled lifting vehicle is considered as a test bed for research in the hypersonic flight regime. Expand
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