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Scanning electron microscopy of the integumental surfaces of Schistosoma haematobium.
The integumental surfaces of critical point dried S. haematobium were studied by scanning electron microscopy at 34 to 8,000 magnifications. There are marked differences between the surfaceExpand
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Microfilariae of Dirofilaria striata in a dog.
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The fine structure of trematode sperm-tails.
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Scanning electron microscopy of integumental surface of schistosoma mansoni.
The integumental surface of adult S. mansoni was studied by scanning electron microscopy at 50 to 10,000 magnifications. Many spines of variable size cover the inner surface of the oral sucker of theExpand
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Thoracic Modifications Accompanying the Development of Subaptery and Aptery in the Genus Monomorium
The occasional appearance of forms intermediate between the alate and the apterous castes of the Formicidm offers some ontological evidence of early stages in the origin of castes and has anExpand
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Treatment of impotence by intrapenile injections. A comparison of papaverine versus papaverine and phentolamine: a double-blind, crossover trial.
The efficacy of papaverine, and a combination of papaverine and phentolamine as a pharmacological treatment of impotence was compared in a double-blind, crossover trial. A total of 40 impotent menExpand
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Prevention and treatment of canine hookworm disease with styrylpyridinium and diethylcarbamazine.
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Brochosomes and Leafhoppers.
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