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Theory of polar liquids
Two recent contributions to the statistical theory of polar fluids, namely the perturbation theory of Stell, Rasaiah and Narang (SRN) and the meanspherical-approximation (MSA) results of Wertheim,Expand
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Note on the method of molecular orbitals
It is shown that the usual molecular orbital treatment for the mobile electrons in unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules is not always satisfactory, since it does not yield a self-consistent field. TheExpand
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On the Curie points and high temperature susceptibilities of Heisenberg model ferromagnetics
The first six coefficients in the expansion of the susceptibility χ, and its inverse, χ −1, in ascending powers of the reciprocal temperature, have been determined for the Heisenberg model of aExpand
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A Note on Guggenheim's Theory of Strictly Regular Binary Liquid Mixtures
This note attempts to revise and extend the formulae proposed by Guggenheim (1935) in his theory of a special (hypothetical) type of liquid mixture which, in the account of Guggenheim’s paper givenExpand
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On the third dielectric virial coefficient for dipolar hard spheres
We have calculated the next term in Joslin's high temperature expansion of the third dielectric virial coefficient for dipolar hard spheres. The expansion now reads where λ = μ2/d 3 kT. This seriesExpand
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