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Pile foundations: Experimental investigations, analysis and design
Selected topics in the field of pile foundations are addressed. The effects of the installation technique on the bearing ca- pacity and the load-settlement response of a single pile are discussed.Expand
Monitoring of bisphenol A and bisphenol S in thermal paper receipts from the Italian market and estimated transdermal human intake: A pilot study.
The occurrence of co-exposure to dietary and non-dietary sources should be considered in the health risk assessment, mainly for people frequently exposed to thermal paper contact for occupational reason. Expand
Dioxin-like PCB levels in maternal and umbilical cord sera of people living near dump sites in southern Italy: a pilot study of biomonitoring
The serum levels of the 12 polychlorinated biphenyls indicated as “dioxin like” by the World Health Organization in both maternal blood serum and umbilical cord blood serum of people residing in the Triangle of Death suggest that the exposure of both pregnant mothers and their fetuses to environmental pollution could produce a high intake of PCBs. Expand
Occurrence of Bisphenol A and its analogues in some foodstuff marketed in Europe.
The general overview of the literature data shows that concentration values of BPs detected into foodstuff is lower in Northern Europe than Southern Europe, and that food and beverage monitoring should deserve greater attention especially by European countries for which no studies are available. Expand
Indexes of polar interactions between ionizable drugs and membrane phospholipids measured by IAM-HPLC: their relationships with data of Blood-Brain Barrier passage.
Δ/Δ(')logkw(IAM) parameter, as a sole descriptor, is effective in evaluating the capability of a compound to cross the BBB, indicating that the polar/electrostatic interactions, which are the additional interactions described by IAM, are of prime importance in predicting BBB passage. Expand
Unraveling Interactions between Ionic Liquids and Phospholipid Vesicles Using Nanoplasmonic Sensing.
The objective of the present work is to shed light onto the effects of amidinium- and phosphonium-based ILs on phospholipid vesicles using a nanoplasmonic sensing measurement technique, highlighting the pivotal role of this highly surface-sensitive indirect biosensing technique in scrutinizing and dissecting the integrity and architecture of phospholipsicles in the nanoscale range. Expand
Immobilized Artificial Membrane HPLC Derived Parameters vs PAMPA-BBB Data in Estimating in Situ Measured Blood-Brain Barrier Permeation of Drugs.
The present work was aimed at verifying the soundness of Δlog kW(IAM) at describing the potential of passage through the BBB as compared to data achieved by the PAMPA-BBB technique, and suggesting that, at least for the data set considered, Δ log kW( IAM) parameters are more effective than log P0(PAMPA -BBB) at predicting log P 0(in situ) values for all the analytes. Expand
Evaluation of simulated estimates of forest ecosystem carbon stocks using ground plot data from Canada's National Forest Inventory
Abstract Assessing the uncertainties in the estimates obtained from forest carbon budget models used for national and international reporting is essential, but model evaluations are rarely conductedExpand
Water retention curves of lime stabilised soils
Assessment of the seismic performance of a bituminous faced rockfill dam
Abstract In the attempt to codify a procedure exportable to other similar cases, a thorough investigation of the seismic performance of a bituminous concrete faced rockfill dam built in Italy in theExpand