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On the Foundations of Combinatorial Theory
One of the most useful principles of enumeration in discrete probability and combinatorial theory is the celebrated principle of·inclusion-exclusion (ef. Feller*, FrEchet, Riordan, Ryser). WhenExpand
Coalgebras and Bialgebras in Combinatorics
The following material is discussed in this paper: Incidence Coalgebras for PO sets; Reduced Boolean Coalgebras; Divided Powers Coalgebra; Dirichlet Coalgebra; Eulerian Coalgebra; Faa di BrunoExpand
Introduction to Geometric Probability
Introduction 1. The Buffon needle problem 2. Valuation and integral 3. A discrete lattice 4. The intrinsic volumes for parallelotopes 5. The lattice of polyconvex sets 6. Invariant measures onExpand
On The Foundations of Combinatorial Theory: Combinatorial Geometries
It has been clear within the last ten years that combinatorial geometry, together with its order-theoretic counterpart, the geometric lattice, can serve to catalyze the whole field of combinatorialExpand