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Hydroxide in olivine: A quantitative determination of the absolute amount and calibration of the IR spectrum
[1] Olivine is an important host of hydrogen in the Earth's upper mantle, and the OH abundance in this mineral determines many important physical properties of the planet's interior. To date, naturalExpand
An IR absorption calibration for water in minerals
Abstract Using IR absorption data from polarized measurements on single-crystal minerals with stoichiometric water contents (in the form of H2O or OH groups in the structure), a linear calibrationExpand
Water in Earth's Mantle: The Role of Nominally Anhydrous Minerals
Nominally anhydrous minerals constitute a significant reservoir for mantle hydrogen, possibly accommodating all water in the depleted mantle and providing a possible mechanism to recycle water from Earth's surface into the deep mantle. Expand
Quantitative analysis of trace OH in garnet and pyroxenes
To calibrate infrared (IR) spectroscopy for quantitative analysis of trace structural OH in specific minerals, we have determined concentrations of H in pure separates of mantle derived pyrope garnetExpand
Hydrogen incorporation in olivine from 2–12 GPa
Abstract We performed new experiments on incorporation of hydrogen in olivine at high pressures (2-12 GPa) and temperatures (1000-1300 °C). OH concentrations were calculated using the Bell et al.Expand
The natural occurrence of hydroxide in olivine
Polarized infrared (IR) spectra of olivine single crystals from 17 different localities show a tremendous variability in both mode and abundance of hydroxide (OH) incorporation. Kimberlitic olivinesExpand
Water in minerals? A peak in the infrared
The study of water in minerals with infrared spectroscopy is reviewed with emphasis on natural and synthetic quartz. Water can be recognized in minerals as fluid inclusions and as isolated moleculesExpand
Mantle-derived fluids in diamond micro-inclusions
Micro-inclusions in diamonds from Zaire and Botswana differ in composition from the more common large inclusions of the peridotitic or eclogitic assemblages. These sub-micrometre inclusions resembleExpand
Theoretical estimates of equilibrium Fe-isotope fractionations from vibrational spectroscopy
The magnitude and direction of equilibrium iron-isotope (^(54)Fe–^(56)Fe) fractionations among simple iron-bearing complexes and α-Fe metal are calculated using a combination of force-field modelingExpand
Abundance and Partitioning of OH in a High-pressure Magmatic System: Megacrysts from the Monastery Kimberlite, South Africa
Concentrations of OH, and major and trace elements were determined in a suite of mantle-derived megacrysts that represent the crystallization products of a kimberlite-like magma at ~5 GPa andExpand