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Continent-wide response of mountain vegetation to climate change
Climate impact studies have indicated ecological fingerprints of recent global warming across a wide range of habitats1, 2. Although these studies have shown responses from various local caseExpand
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The Sixteenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: First Release from the APOGEE-2 Southern Survey and Full Release of eBOSS Spectra
This paper documents the sixteenth data release (DR16) from the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys; the fourth and penultimate from the fourth phase (SDSS-IV). This will be the first release of data from theExpand
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Human trampling as a threat factor for the conservation of peripheral plant populations
Abstract In recent years, peripheral plant populations have been gaining more and more interest from a conservation point of view, as they normally grow in non-optimal ecological conditions and,Expand
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Optimization of tourism impacts within protected areas by means of genetic algorithms
We propose a new model for optimizing the allocation of tourist infrastructures (refuges and camping sites), and apply it to a protected area in the European Alps, where tourism has grown considerably in recent years. Expand
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Percussion as an effective seed treatment for herbaceous legumes (Fabaceae): implications for habitat restoration and agriculture
Summary Legumes are particularly useful in agriculture and in habitat restoration, increasing soil fertility and facilitating the establishment of other plant species. Seeds are important for theseExpand
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Habitat-correlated seed germination behaviour in populations of wood anemone ( Anemone nemorosa L.) from northern Italy
Although various aspects of the biology of Anemone nemorosa have been examined, few studies present data on seed germination, and even then information tends to be rather contradictory. A. nemorosaExpand
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From cold to warm-stage refugia for boreo-alpine plants in southern European and Mediterranean mountains: the last chance to survive or an opportunity for speciation?
During glacial phases of the Quaternary, Southern European and Mediterranean mountains (SEMms: Pyrenees, Apennines, Balkan Mountains, Maritime Alps, etc.) provided suitable habitats for numerousExpand
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Population structure and genetic diversity of the threatened quillwort Isoëtes malinverniana and implication for conservation
Abstract The goal of this research was to investigate genetic variation in Isoetes malinverniana (Isoetaceae) to select candidate populations for future conservation efforts. To this aim, ISSR andExpand
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Acute and chronic ozone exposure temporarily affects seed germination in alpine plants
Abstract This study was the first to investigate the direct effects of anomalous concentrations of ozone mediated by summer heat waves on seed germination in alpine plants. During germination, theExpand
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