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Hybridization has long been considered a process that prevents divergence between species. In contrast to this historical view, an increasing number of empirical studies claim to show evidence forExpand
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Female preference for swords in Xiphophorus helleri reflects a bias for large apparent size.
Swordtail fish (Poeciliidae: genus Xiphophorus) are a paradigmatic case of sexual selection by sensory exploitation. Female preference for males with a conspicuous "sword" ornament is ancestral,Expand
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Natural selection interacts with recombination to shape the evolution of hybrid genomes
Selection, recombination, and hybrid evolution Hybridization is an important force in evolution. The effects of hybridization across the whole genome are not understood. Using a fine-scale geneticExpand
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Hybridization is increasingly being recognized as a widespread process, even between ecologically and behaviorally divergent animal species. Determining phylogenetic relationships in the presence ofExpand
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Alteration of the chemical environment disrupts communication in a freshwater fish
It is well established that changes to the chemical environment can impair development, physiology and reproductive biology; by contrast, impacts on communication have not been widely reported. ThisExpand
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The vocal sac as a visual cue in anuran communication: an experimental analysis using video playback
Acoustic signals produced by most anurans are accompanied by inflation of a conspicuous vocal sac. We presented female tungara frogs, Physalaemus pustulosus, with acoustic playback of the maleExpand
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Replicated hybrid zones of Xiphophorus swordtails along an elevational gradient
Natural hybrid zones provide opportunities to study a range of evolutionary phenomena from speciation to the genetic basis of fitness‐related traits. We show that widespread hybridization hasExpand
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A private ultraviolet channel in visual communication
Although private communication is considered an important diversifying force in evolution, there is little direct behavioural evidence to support this notion. Here, we show that ultraviolet (UV)Expand
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The role of sexual selection in maintaining a colour polymorphism in the pygmy swordtail, Xiphophorus pygmaeus
The forces responsible for maintaining genetic polymorphisms within populations are often unclear. Male pygmy swordtails are polymorphic at a single Y-linked locus that regulates body colour. TheExpand
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