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Nonmodal Plasmonics: Controlling the Forced Optical Response of Nanostructures
Experiments reveal a new family of optical fields that originate at the boundary between a nanostructure and an incident light source, offering new paths for controlling optical behavior in a wide
Circular motion of electromagnetic power shaping the dispersion of Surface Plasmon Polaritons.
A circular zero-time-averaged power component, coupling the forward (dielectric) and backward (metal) power channels of Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs), is shown to be the core ingredient for the
Perfect Lensing by a Single Interface: Defying Loss and Bandwidth Limitations of Metamaterials.
It is shown that perfect lensing can be achieved with actual lossy left-handed metamaterials, without a need for gain or nonlinearity, and this result provides a new road map for practical realization of a near-field camera based on the single-interface lens design.
Competing coupled gaps and slabs for plasmonic metamaterial analysis.
A novel analysis approach based on competing coupled structures of plasmonic gaps (MIM) and slabs (IMI) for the detailed comprehension of the band structure of periodic metal-dielectric stacks is introduced.
A new robust perfect lens
A single-interface between double-negative and double-positive media acts as a robust perfect-lens whose unbounded resolution endures loss and frequency offsets - unlike existing designs. Its