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Growth medium recycling in Nannochloropsis sp. mass cultivation.
During cell division Nannochloropsis releases the thick and multilayered parent cell wall [Phycologia 35 (1996) 253]. The excretion of autoinhibitory substances in Nannochloropsis cultures has beenExpand
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Resting cysts: A survival strategy in Protozoa Ciliophora
Abstract Encystment is a reversible cell differentiation process that also requires an antagonistic process, i.e. excystment. Both processes are genetically encoded. Encystment is of commonExpand
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The cyst of Oxytricha bifaria (Ciliata hypotrichida). III: Cytochemical investigation
Analyse cytochimique au niveau ultrastructural des kystes d'Oxytricha bifaria. Mise en evidence de proteines, de polyosides et de chitine
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Peculiar epibionts in Euplotidium itoi (ciliata, hypotrichida)
Analyse ultrastructurale par microscopie electronique a transmission et a balayage de la bande de particules limitant le corps cellulaire de E. itoi
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Preconjugant cell-cell interaction in the ciliate Euplotes crassus: a possible role of the ciliary ampules
Euplotes crassus, like other species of Euplotes, possesses organelles commonly known as ampules, which are associated with the roots of cilia and organelles composed of cilia. Ampules of E. crassusExpand
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Mating by conjugation in two species of the genus Aspidisca (Ciliata, Hypotrichida): an electron microscopic study
Abstract Behavioral and morphogenetic responses to conjugative interactions of Aspidisca sedigita and A. steini were studied using transmission and scanning electron microscopy. The following changesExpand
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The cyst of Oxytricha bifaria (Ciliata hypotrichida). II: The ultrastructure
24 heures apres sa formation la paroi du kyste de O.b. se compose d'un exokyste lamellaire, d'un mesokyste fibrillaire d'un endokyste a structure homogene et d'une couche granulaire entre la paroi etExpand
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The cyst of Oxytricha bifaria (Ciliata: Hypotrichida). I: Morphology and significance
Before actual encystment, the volume of Oxytricha bifaria falls to about 20% of normal (47,700 im3 vs. 234,000 ,m3). Once it has attained this minimal volume, the rounded cell first produces a jellyExpand
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Adenylate cyclase and cyclic AMP in the ciliate Euplotes crassus: involvement in both cell cycle and sexual reproduction
In this paper the presence and the possible activity of adenylate cyclase-cyclic AMP (AC-cAMP) system has been investigated through cell cycle and sexual reproduction of the ciliate Euplotes crassus.Expand
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