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Nuovi scavi linguistici nella antica Magna Grecia
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Vorrömische Lautsubstrate auf der Pyrenäenhalbinsel ?
Auf der ganzen Pyrenäenhalbinsel erscheint anlautendes r in der Form eines gedehnten ('gemilderten*)Lautes: span. rrueda, rrana, rrey, rröble, rruido, port. rrabo, rregar, rriba usw., katal. rram,Expand
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Laboratory Notes, Laboratory Experiences, and Conceptual Analysis: Understanding the Making of Ohm's First Law in Electricity.
Georg Simon Ohm's work in the field of electricity led to what is now considered to be the most fundamental law of electrical circuits, Ohm's Law. Much less known is that only months earlier, Ohm hadExpand
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Kufra Reise von Tripolis nach der Oase Kufra
THIS new volume of travels by Dr. Gerhard Rohlfs is a valuable contribution to a knowledge of the southern parts of the Vilayet of Tripolis and of the Lybian Desert. In December 1878, Herr Rohlfs,Expand
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