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Connexin 26 gene mutations in congenitally deaf children: pitfalls for genetic counseling.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate difficulties encountered in genetic counseling in deaf children carrying connexin 26 gene (CX26 or GJB2) mutations. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Outpatients, tertiaryExpand
Failures and complications of supraglottoplasty in children.
OBJECTIVES To study the failures and complications of bilateral supraglottoplasty in children with severe laryngomalacia and to compare children with isolated laryngomalacia (IL) with those who haveExpand
Medical and surgical complications in pediatric cochlear implantation.
OBJECTIVES To report complications of cochlear implantation (CI) in children and to analyze risk factors. DESIGN Retrospective study from January 1, 1990, through April 30, 2008, with a meanExpand
Nasal Dermoid Sinus Cysts in Children
Thirty‐six children with nasal dermoid sinus cysts were treated in the Department Pediatric Otolaryngology, Armand Trousseau's Children's Hospital (Paris, France) between 1974 and 1994. Ten of theExpand
Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in infants with upper airway obstruction: comparison of continuous and bilevel positive pressure
ObjectiveThis study evaluated the efficacy of noninvasive continuous positive pressure (CPAP) ventilation in infants with severe upper airway obstruction and compared CPAP to bilevel positive airwayExpand
Chronic stridor caused by laryngomalacia in children: work of breathing and effects of noninvasive ventilatory assistance.
Breathing pattern, gas exchange, and respiratory effort were assessed in five awake children with chronic stridor caused by laryngomalacia during spontaneous breathing (SB) and noninvasive mechanicalExpand
The presentation and management of laryngeal cleft: a 10-year experience.
OBJECTIVE To review the presentation and associated congenital abnormalities of laryngeal cleft and present guidelines for its evaluation and management. DESIGN A 10-year retrospective studyExpand
Congenital cholesteatoma: classification, management, and outcome.
OBJECTIVES To assess whether a classification system for congenital cholesteatoma (CC) can be derived from analysis of a large clinical sample of cases and to assess whether such a classificationExpand
Midline cervical cleft.
Midline cervical cleft is a rare congenital anomaly of the ventral neck and its embryological origin has not been clearly established. Less than 100 cases have been reported in the literature. WeExpand
Role of Propranolol in the therapeutic strategy of infantile laryngotracheal hemangioma.
There are recent reports of effective treatment of cutaneous hemangiomas with Propranolol. The current study aims to assess efficacy of systemic Propranolol for subglottic hemangiomas and to discussExpand