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Local supermassive black holes, relics of active galactic nuclei and the X-ray background
We quantify the importance of mass accretion during AGN phases in the growth of supermassive black holes (BH) by comparing the mass function of black holes in the local universe with that expected
AMAZE - I. The evolution of the mass–metallicity relation at z $>$ 3
We present initial results of an ESO-VLT large programme (AMAZE) aimed at determining the evolution of the mass-metallicity relation at z > 3 by means of deep near-IR spectroscopy. Gas metallicities
A Three-dimensional Diagnostic Diagram for Seyfert 2 Galaxies: Probing X-Ray Absorption and Compton Thickness
We present and discuss a three-dimensional diagnostic diagram for Seyfert 2 galaxies obtained using X-ray and [O III] data on a large sample of objects (reported in the Appendix). The diagram shows
LSD: Lyman-break galaxies Stellar populations and Dynamics – I. Mass, metallicity and gas at z∼ 3.1
We present the first results of a project, Lyman-break galaxies Stellar populations and Dynamics (LSD), aimed at obtaining spatially resolved, near-infrared (IR) spectroscopy of a complete sample of
We use hard X-ray data for an "optimal" sample of Seyfert 2 galaxies to derive the distribution of the gaseous absorbing column densities among obscured active nuclei in the local universe. Of all
Most Supermassive Black Holes Must Be Rapidly Rotating
We use the integrated spectrum of the X-ray background and quasars' spectral energy distribution to derive the contribution of quasars to the energy output of the universe. We find a lower limit for
Dust in active nuclei. I. evidence for anomalous properties
We present observational evidences that dust in the circumnuclear region of AGNs has different properties than in the Galactic diffuse interstellar medium. By comparing the reddening of optical and
An XMM-Newton hard X-ray survey of ultraluminous infrared galaxies
XMM-Newton observations of 10 ultraluminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs) from a 200-ks mini-survey programme are reported. The aim is to investigate in hard X-rays a complete ULIRG sample selected from
The Spitzer/IRAC view of black hole–bulge scaling relations
We present a mid-infrared investigation of the scaling relations between supermassive black hole masses (M BH ) and the structural parameters of the host spheroids in local galaxies. This work is
The BeppoSAX view of bright Compton-thin Seyfert 2 galaxies
We present the analysis of 31 observations (17 of which are published here for the rst time) of 20 bright Compton thin Seyfert 2 s, in the 0.1{200 keV band, performed with the BeppoSAX satellite. The