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Transcriptional profiling of bovine milk using RNA sequencing
This is the first study to describe the comprehensive bovine milk transcriptome in Holstein cows and reveals that 69% of NCBI Btau 4.0 annotated genes are expressed in bovin milk somatic cells, indicating the ability of milk somatics cells to adapt to different molecular functions according to the biological need of the animal. Expand
The bovine lactation genome: insights into the evolution of mammalian milk
The findings support the essentiality of milk to the survival of mammalian neonates and the establishment of milk secretory mechanisms more than 160 million years ago and suggest that this diversity of milk protein composition across species is primarily due to other mechanisms. Expand
Comparison of five different RNA sources to examine the lactating bovine mammary gland transcriptome using RNA-Sequencing
The results indicate that the SC and MFG transcriptome are representative of MGT and LCMEC and can be used as effective and alternative samples to study mammary gland expression without the need to perform a tissue biopsy. Expand
Hot topic: performance of bovine high-density genotyping platforms in Holsteins and Jerseys.
The combined use of both platforms significantly improved coverage over either platform alone and decreased the gap size between SNP, providing a valuable tool for fine mapping quantitative trait loci and multibreed animal evaluation. Expand
SNP discovery in the bovine milk transcriptome using RNA-Seq technology
The results confirm that analyzing the transcriptome using RNA-Seq technology is an efficient and cost-effective method to identify SNPs in transcribed regions and provides more than 33,000 SNPs located in coding regions of genes expressed during lactation that can be used to develop genotyping platforms to perform marker-trait association studies in Holstein cattle. Expand
Transcriptome Profiling of Bovine Milk Oligosaccharide Metabolism Genes Using RNA-Sequencing
Detailed characterization of enzymes encoded by the 92 glycosylation-related genes identified in this study will provide the basic knowledge for metabolic network analysis of oligosaccharides in mammalian milk. Expand
Polymorphisms in genes in the SREBP1 signalling pathway and SCD are associated with milk fatty acid composition in Holstein cattle
Genes in the sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1 (SREBP1) pathway play a central role in regulation of milk fat synthesis, especially the de-novo synthesis of saturated fatty acids. SCD, aExpand
RNA-seq analysis of single bovine blastocysts
This study represents the first application of RNA-seq technology in single bovine embryos allowing a representation of the embryonic transcriptome and the analysis of transcript sequence variation to describe specific allele expression. Expand
Transcriptional Response to Acute Thermal Exposure in Juvenile Chinook Salmon Determined by RNAseq
A transcriptional analysis of gill tissue from Chinook salmon juveniles reared at 12° and exposed acutely to water temperatures ranging from ideal to potentially lethal shows the complex multi-modal cellular response to thermal stress in juvenile salmon. Expand
Molecular phylogeny and SNP variation of polar bears (Ursus maritimus), brown bears (U. arctos), and black bears (U. americanus) derived from genome sequences.
Genotypes for 162 SNP loci of 336 bears from Alaska and Montana showed that the species are genetically differentiated and there is geographic population structure of brown and black bears but not polar bears. Expand