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Increased colour and organic acid concentrations in Norwegian forest lakes and drinking water – a result of increased precipitation?
Abstract.Recently there have been major increases in water colour and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in many forest lakes that serve as drinking water reservoirs in the southern part of Norway. WeExpand
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Advances in understanding the podzolization process resulting from a multidisciplinary study of three coniferous forest soils in the Nordic Countries
Advances in understanding the podzolisation process resulting from a multidisciplinary study at three coniferous forest soils in the Nordic countries
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Quantifying the drivers of the increasing colored organic matter in boreal surface waters.
Long-term monitoring of surface water quality has shown increasing concentrations of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) across large parts of the northern latitudes. This has increasedExpand
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Loss of Pesticides from Agricultural Fields in SE Norway – Runoff Through Surface and Drainage Water
Loss of two pesticides with different mobility characteristics, bentazone (Koc ∼ 34) and propiconazole (Koc ∼ 1800), were studied at three agricultural fields (Askim, Bjørnebekk and Syverud) in SEExpand
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Widespread Increases in Iron Concentration in European and North American Freshwaters
Recent reports of increasing iron (Fe) concentrations in freshwaters are of concern, given the fundamental role of Fe in biogeochemical processes. Still, little is known about the frequency andExpand
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Influences of Suspended Particles on the Runoff of Pesticides from an Agricultural Field at Askim, SE-Norway
Field and laboratory experiments were conducted to study the loss of particles from agricultural fields, and the role of suspended particles in carrying pesticides in surface runoff and drainageExpand
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The effect of lake browning and respiration mode on the burial and fate of carbon and mercury in the sediment of two boreal lakes
In many northern temperate regions, the water color of lakes has increased over the past decades (lake browning), probably caused by an increased export of dissolved organic matter from soils. We iExpand
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Size distribution of organic matter and associated propiconazole in agricultural runoff material.
Sorption and desorption characteristics of propiconazole (1-[[2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4-propyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl]methyl]-1H-1,2,4-triazole) to different particle/aggregate-size fractions ofExpand
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Decline of acid rain enhances mercury concentrations in fish.
M efforts have been made to reduce sulfur emissions in Europe. Acid rain pollution in Norway has diminished substantially, thanks to the 1979 Geneva Convention on Longrange Transboundary AirExpand
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Combined effects of the fungicide propiconazole and agricultural runoff sediments on the aquatic bryophyte Vesicularia dubyana.
Pesticides, firmly attached to the topsoil, might enter nearby watercourses at periods with high erosive loss of sediments. Therefore, exposure of aquatic organisms to these low mobility pesticides,Expand
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