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Generalized Boosted Models: A guide to the gbm package
The main purposes of this document is to spell out in detail what the gbm package implements, mostly due to an effort to cast boosting terms into more standard statistical terminology. Expand
Propensity score estimation with boosted regression for evaluating causal effects in observational studies.
Propensity score weights estimated using boosting eliminate most pretreatment group differences and substantially alter the apparent relative effects of adolescent substance abuse treatment. Expand
The State of Boosting ∗
In many problem domains, combining the predictions of several models often results in a model with improved predictive performance. Boosting is one such method that has shown great promise. On theExpand
Testing for Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops From Behind a Veil of Darkness
The key problem in testing for racial profiling in traffic stops is estimating the risk set, or “benchmark,” against which to compare the race distribution of stopped drivers. To date, the two mostExpand
Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups: A tutorial for the twang package
The framework of the twang package is flexible enough to allow the user to use propensity score estimates from other methods and to assess the usefulness of those estimates for ensuring equivalence (or “balance”) in the pretreatment covariate distributions of treatment and control groups using tools from the package. Expand
Reducing Gun Violence: Results from an Intervention in East Los Angeles
To assess whether an initiative to reduce gun violence that had been successful in Boston could be adapted for use elsewhere, researchers selected an East Los Angeles area for a similar interventionExpand
When Terrorism Hits Home: How Prepared Are State and Local Law Enforcement?
Presents the results of a 2002 survey conducted by the RAND Corporation assessing how prepared state and local law enforcement agencies are for terrorism in the post-9/11 environment. The surveyExpand
Assessing the Effect of Race Bias in Post-traffic Stop Outcomes Using Propensity Scores
 In response to community demands, case settlements, and state laws concerning racial profiling, police departments across the nation are collecting data on traffic stops. While the data collectionExpand
The effect of light rail transit on body mass index and physical activity.
It is suggested that improving neighborhood environments and increasing the public's use of LRT systems could provide improvements in health outcomes for millions of individuals. Expand