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Analytical model for plasmon modes in graphene-coated nanowire.
An analytical model for plasmon modes in graphene-coated dielectric nanowire is presented. Plasmon modes could be classified by the azimuthal field distribution characterized by a phase factorExpand
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Generalized Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method Utilizing Auxiliary Differential Equations for the Full-Vectorial Analysis of Photonic Crystal Fibers
We present the generalized finite-difference time-domain full-vectorial method by reformulating the time-dependent Maxwell's curl equations with electric flux density and magnetic field intensity,Expand
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Nanoscale dielectric-graphene-dielectric tunable infrared waveguide with ultrahigh refractive indices.
We propose in this paper a dielectric-graphene-dielectric tunable infrared waveguide based on multilayer metamaterials with ultrahigh refractive indices. The waveguide modes with different orders areExpand
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Refractive Index and Temperature Sensor Based on Fiber Ring Laser With STCS Fiber Structure
A novel refractive index (RI) and temperature all-fiber ring laser sensor based on single-mode-tapered claddingless-single-mode (STCS) fiber structure is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. TheExpand
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Photonic crystal fibers with high index infiltrations for refractive index sensing
We report on the experimental demonstration of a refractive index sensing technique based on the photonic bandgap (PBG) shift in two types of solid-core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) structures with aExpand
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Low-loss all-solid photonic bandgap fiber.
We report the fabrication and characterization of a new type all-solid photonic bandgap fiber. By introducing an index depressed layer around the high-index rod in the unit cell of photonic crystalExpand
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Tunable orbital angular momentum generation in optical fibers.
We present a method in this Letter to generate optical vortices with tunable orbital angular momentum (OAM) in optical fibers. The tunable OAM optical vortex is produced by combining different vectorExpand
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Holey fiber design for single-polarization single-mode guidance.
We propose a holey fiber design to achieve single-polarization single-mode (SPSM) guidance. The photonic crystal fiber (PCF) has a triangular-lattice with elliptical airholes in the microstructuredExpand
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Tunable subwavelength terahertz plasmon- induced transparency in the InSb slot waveguide side-coupled with two stub resonators
We numerically investigated the realization of electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) at the terahertz (THz) region in an InSb slot waveguide side-coupled with two stub resonators. TheExpand
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Mode-coupling analysis and trench design for large-mode-area low-cross-talk multicore fiber.
The complete analytical solutions of the mode-coupling dynamics for seven-core multicore fibers (MCFs) with identical cores is proposed. All the coupling coefficients C(mn) of adjacent cores andExpand
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