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Helical liquids and Majorana bound states in quantum wires.
It is argued that zero-energy Majorana bound states are formed in various situations when such wires are situated in proximity to a conventional s-wave superconductor when the external magnetic field, the superconducting gap, or the chemical potential vary along the wire. Expand
Non-Abelian statistics and topological quantum information processing in 1D wire networks
The synthesis of a quantum computer remains an ongoing challenge in modern physics. Whereas decoherence stymies most approaches, topological quantum computation schemes evade decoherence at theExpand
Floquet topological insulator in semiconductor quantum wells
Topological phases of matter have captured our imagination over the past few years, with tantalizing properties such as robust edge modes and exotic non-Abelian excitations, and potentialExpand
Majorana fermions in equilibrium and in driven cold-atom quantum wires.
A new approach to create and detect Majorana fermions using optically trapped 1D fermionic atoms using an optical Raman transition-simultaneously inducing an effective spin-orbit interaction and magnetic field while a background molecular BEC cloud generates s-wave pairing for the atoms. Expand
Hilbert-Glass Transition: New Universality of Temperature-Tuned Many-Body Dynamical Quantum Criticality
Conventional phase transitions are usually characterized by a change in a fundamental thermodynamic observable, e.g., in density when liquid changes to vapor. A theoretical study of a one-dimensionalExpand
Many-body localization in a quasiperiodic system
Recent theoretical and numerical evidence suggests that localization can survive in disordered many-body systems with very high energy density, provided that interactions are sufficiently weak.Expand
Fractionalizing Majorana fermions: non-abelian statistics on the edges of abelian quantum Hall states
We study the non-abelian statistics characterizing systems where counter-propagating gapless modes on the edges of fractional quantum Hall states are gapped by proximity-coupling to superconductorsExpand
Anomalous Floquet-Anderson Insulator as a Nonadiabatic Quantized Charge Pump
We show that two-dimensional periodically driven quantum systems with spatial disorder admit a unique topological phase, which we call the anomalous Floquet-Anderson insulator (AFAI). The AFAI isExpand
Entanglement entropy of random quantum critical points in one dimension.
It is shown that for a class of strongly random quantum spin chains, the same logarithmic scaling holds for mean entanglement at criticality and defines a critical entropy equivalent to central charge in the pure case. Expand
From Bloch oscillations to many-body localization in clean interacting systems
It is demonstrated that nonrandom mechanisms that lead to single-particle localization may also lead to many-body localization, even in the absence of disorder, and a class of generic nonrandom models that fail to thermalize are constituted, which suggest new directions for experimentally exploring and understanding the phenomena of many- body localization. Expand