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Non-myotendinous force transmission in rat extensor digitorum longus muscle.
The extensor digitorum longus muscle (EDL) of the rat hindleg consists of four heads. The heads are named after their insertions on the digits of toes II, III, IV and V. The EDL heads share aExpand
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Neuronal cells mature faster on polyethyleneimine coated plates than on polylysine coated plates
Cell morphology, protein/DNA ratio, ganglioside analysis, taurine uptake, and the activity of neurone specific enolase showed that neuronal cells mature faster when grown on polyethyleneimine coatedExpand
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Gill sulfolipid synthesis and seawater adaptation in euryhalin fish, Anguilla anguilla
Abstract 1. 1. The presence of sulfated cerebroside in eel gills was demonstrated and its biosynthesis from 35S sulfate investigated. 2. 2. Adaptation of freshwater eels to seawater, a physiologicalExpand
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Activation of protein kinase C down-regulates glial but not neuronal taurine uptake
Phorbol myristate acetate (PMA), a protein kinase C (PKC) activator significantly decreased in a time- and dose-dependent manner taurine uptake by rat astroglial but not neuronal cells. TheExpand
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Biosynthesis of Galactocerebrosides and Glucocerebrosides in Glial Cell Lines
Abstract: UDP‐galactose:ceramide galactosyltransferase (CGalT, EC and UDP‐glucose:ceramide glucosyltransferase (CGlcT, EC were determined in the glial cell lines G26‐20, G26‐24,Expand
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pH drift of "physiological buffers" and culture media used for cell incubation during in vitro studies.
  • I. Lelong, G. Rebel
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Journal of pharmacological and toxicological…
  • 1 June 1998
In pharmacological or toxicological studies performed at room atmosphere comparison of various media used for cell incubation revealed discrepancies among results due to pH instability when theseExpand
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Essential fatty acid metabolism in cultured astroblasts.
The fetal calf serum on which two astroblast cell lines were grown was shown to be deficient in essential fatty acids. The fatty acid profiles of lipids of these two cell lines showed very lowExpand
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Interference of Good's buffers and other biological buffers with protein determination.
Interference of low concentrations of Hepes and other buffers commonly used in protein determination was studied. The data show that some of these buffers interfere to differing degrees with proteinExpand
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Changes in glial fibrillary acidic protein and karyotype during culturing of two cell lines established from human glioblastoma multiforme
SummaryTwo human cell lines (GL15 and GL22) derived from glioblastoma multiforme were established and characterized by immunohistochemical and cytogenetic techniques. The expression of glialExpand
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Effect of ammonia on endocytosis and cytokine production by immortalized human microglia and astroglia cells
Ammonium acetate decreased in a concentration-dependent manner the phagocytic uptake of mannosylated latex microspheres and of yeast by immortalized human microglia (CHME-5) and astroglioma (GL-15)Expand
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