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Medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: does tibial component position influence clinical outcomes and arthroplasty survival?
The high level of accuracy required for optimal positioning of the tibial component during medial UKA indicates a need for considerable technical expertise and emphasises the conservative nature of the procedure. Expand
Use of Freund's adjuvant arthritis test in anti-flammatory drug screening in the rat: value of animal selection and preparation at the breeding center.
The Freund's adjuvant technic, using killed Mycobacterium butyricum suspended in mineral oil, is a refined tool for anti-inflammatory drug evaluation and is demonstrated to make the procedure applicable to drug screening. Expand
In situ observation of whiskers, pyramids and pits during the high-temperature oxidation of metals
A hot-stage, environmental scanning electron microscope has been used to observe the in situ development of oxide whiskers, pyramids, and pits in the oxidation of copper and nickel at elevatedExpand
Engineering for the future: weight saving and cost reduction initiatives
Over the past several years, Pechiney has launched intensive R&D activities, in close connection with its main customers, aimed at tailoring property balances to specific applications and at reducingExpand
Echinococcus granulosus:isoprinosine treatment of the metacestode stage.
The efficacy of short- and long-term treatments with Isoprinosine, an immunomodulatory compound, was studied in Echinococcus granulosus cysts developed in NMRI mice intraperitoneally infected withExpand
Hot-stage scanning electron microscope for high-temperaturein-situ oxidation studies
AbstractThe design of a hot stage for a Cambridge S 4 scanning electron microscope (SEM) is described. Provision is made for the entry of noncondensible reactive gases to the specimen chamber throughExpand
Treatment of Delayed and Nonunions of the Humeral Shaft Using the Seidel Locking Nail: A Preliminary Report of Five Cases
Treatment of five cases of delayed/or nonunions of the humerus using the Seidel locking nail seems to be of value because it avoids iatrogenic risk to the radial nerve and the possible need for bone grafting. Expand