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Early-type stars in the core of the young open cluster Westerlund 2 ⋆⋆⋆
Aims. The properties of the early-type stars in the core of the Westerlund 2 cluster are examined in order to establish a link bet ween the cluster and the very massive Wolf-Rayet binary WR 20a asExpand
The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission
This White Paper, submitted to the recent ESA call for science themes to define its future large missions, advocates the need for a transformational leap in our understanding of two key questions inExpand
An XMM–Newton view of the young open cluster NGC 6231 – II. The OB star population★
In this second paper of the series, we pursue the analysis of the 180-ks XMM‐Newton campaign towards the young open cluster NGC 6231 and we focus on its rich OB star population. We present aExpand
A multiwavelength investigation of the massive eclipsing binary Cygnus OB2 #5
Context. The properties of the early-type binary Cyg OB2 #5 have been debated for many years and spectroscopic and photometric investigations yielded conflicting results. Aims. We have attempted toExpand
The spectrum of the very massive binary system WR 20a (WN6ha + WN6ha): Fundamental parameters and wind interactions
We analyse the optical spectrum of the very massive binary system WR 20a (WN6ha + WN6ha). The most prominent emission lines, Hα and He  λ 4686, display strong phase-locked profile variability. FromExpand
WR 20a: a massive cornerstone binary system comprising two extreme early-type stars ⋆
We analyse spectroscopic observations of WR 20a revealing that this star is a massive early-type binary system with a most probable orbital period of ∼3.675 days. Our spectra indicate that bothExpand
GCIRS 16SW: A Massive Eclipsing Binary in the Galactic Center
We report on the spectroscopic monitoring of GCIRS 16SW, an Ofpe/WN9 star and LBV candidate in the central parsec of the Galaxy. SINFONI observations show strong daily spectroscopic changes in the KExpand
A quantitative study of O stars in NGC 2244 and the Monoceros OB2 association
Aims. Our goal is to determine the stellar and wind properties of seven O stars in the cluster NGC 2244 and three O stars in the OB association Mon OB2. These properties give us insight into the massExpand
A spectroscopic investigation of early-type stars in the young open cluster Westerlund 2
Context. The distance of the very young open cluster Westerlund 2, which contains the very massive binary system WR 20a and is likely associated with a TeV source, has been the subject of muchExpand
The X-ray Integral Field Unit (X-IFU) for Athena
Athena is designed to implement the Hot and Energetic Universe science theme selected by the European Space Agency for the second large mission of its Cosmic Vision program. The Athena scienceExpand