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Disease Scenario and Management of Major Sugarcane Diseases in India
Sugarcane is a major commercial crop grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the country. During the last 100 years, the country has witnessed epidemics of various diseases like red rot, smut,Expand
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Review article: Phytoplasma diseases affecting various plant species in India
In India recent evidences showed that phytoplasma associated with plants including crops, fruits, trees, ornamental, sugarcane, grasses and weeds increasing at alarming rate. Phytoplasma causeExpand
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Genetically Diverse Variants of Sugarcane bacilliform virus Infecting Sugarcane in India and Evidence of a Novel Recombinant Badnavirus Variant
Sugarcane bacilliform viruses (SCBV; genus Badnavirus) cause leaf fleck disease in sugarcane worldwide. SCBV was detected in 28 sugarcane cultivars originating from eight states of India. EightExpand
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A century progress of research on phytoplasma diseases in India.
Phytoplasmas have been found associated with 129 plant species in India including vegetables, legumes, spices, medicinal plants and ornamental plants, cash and oil crops, palms, fruit trees andExpand
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Molecular characterization of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’ subgroup I-B associated with sesame phyllody disease and identification of its natural vector and weed reservoir in India
An incidence of 12 to 35 % sesame phyllody (SP) disease was observed in sesame fields at Kushinagar and Gorakhpur districts in Uttar Pradesh and Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi,Expand
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Molecular detection and identification of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus isolate causing yellow mosaic disease in Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia), a medicinally important plant in India
Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) is extensively cultivated in India, China and South East Asia for vegetable and traditional medicines. A severe yellow mosaic disease on bitter gourd (M. charantia)Expand
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Molecular detection and identification of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus associated with yellow mosaic and leaf curl disease of Luffa cylindrica in India
Typical yellow mosaic and leaf curling symptoms were observed on Luffa cylindrica during a survey in 2007-08 at Siddharthnagar, Kushinagar and Gorakhpur of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India. The diseaseExpand
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Recent biotechnological approaches in diagnosis and management of sugarcane phytoplasma diseases
Phytoplasmas have been reported to be associated with two major sugarcane diseases viz., grassy shoot disease (GSD) and white leaf disease (WLD). Sugarcane yellow leaf syndrome is a new syndrome ofExpand
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