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Economic Growth and Human Development
This paper cuts adrift the mainstream approach to the legal-origins debate on the law-growth nexus by integrating both overall economic and human components in our understanding of how regulationExpand
V‐Goods and the Role of the Urban Informal Sector in Development
This paper analyzes the role of the urban informal sector in a developing country in relation to the performance of agriculture and other rural activities on the one hand and that of urban formalExpand
Growth and the Family Distribution of Income by Factor Components
I. Introduction, 17. — II. Growth and income distribution, 18. — III. Application to Taiwan, 24. — IV. Impact of growth on FID: qualitative and quantitative aspects, 27. — V. Concluding remarks, 36.Expand
Human Development and Economic Growth
Recent literature has contrasted Human Development, described as the ultimate goal of the development process, with economic growth, described as an imperfect proxy for more general welfare, or as aExpand
Paths to Success: The Relationship between Human Development and Economic Growth
This paper explores the two-way relationships between Economic Growth (EG) and Human Development (HD), building on an earlier work by Ranis, Stewart, and Ramirez (2000). Here, we show that HD is notExpand
Human Development: Beyond the Human Development Index
The well‐known Human Development Index (HDI) encompasses only three rather basic aspects of human welfare. This paper aims to go beyond this, by identifying 11 categories of human development. WeExpand
Arthur Lewis' Contribution to Development Thinking and Policy
Arthur Lewis' seminal 1954 paper and its emphasis on dualism appeared at a time when neither the work of Keynes or Harrod-Domar nor the later neoclassical production function of Solow seemed relevantExpand
Success and Failure in Human Development, 1970–2007
The paper reviews experience in advancing Human Development (HD) since 1970 by investigating behaviour among countries that made the largest improvement in HD and those that made the leastExpand
Growth and Development From an Evolutionary Perspective
List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface.Part I: Introduction:1. Growth and Development: An Overview.Part II: Agrarianism and Dualism:2. From Closed and Open Agrarianism to Modern Dualism.3.Expand