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Atomic force microscopy analysis and confocal Raman microimaging of coated pellets.
Polymer-coated pellets with different coating thicknesses have been studied regarding coating morphology and drug release properties with atomic force microscopy (AFM) and confocal Raman microscopy.Expand
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Coated formulations: new insights into the release mechanism and changes in the film properties with a novel release cell.
The effect of the blend ratio of water-insoluble ethyl cellulose (EC) and water-soluble hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC-LF), on the properties of sprayed films and on the drug release mechanism ofExpand
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Is the full potential of the biopharmaceutics classification system reached?
In this paper we analyse how the biopharmaceutics classification system (BCS) has been used to date. A survey of the literature resulted in a compilation of 242 compounds for which BCS classes wereExpand
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Review article: Targeted drug delivery in treatment of intestinal diseases
Topical therapy within the treatment of intestinal diseases presents realistic formulation challenges for targeted drug delivery. Some relevant oral formulation concepts are reviewed. The basicExpand
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Osmotic pumping release from ethyl-hydroxypropyl-cellulose-coated pellets: a new mechanistic model.
A new mechanistic model of drug release by osmotic pumping and diffusion from pellets coated with a semipermeable film developing pores created by the leaching of water-soluble compounds initiallyExpand
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Force- Displacement and Network Measurements
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Compressibility and tablet properties of two polymorphs of metoprolol tartrate.
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Determination of a diffusion coefficient in a membrane by electronic speckle pattern interferometry: a new method and a temperature sensitivity study
In this work, a method has been developed to easily determine the effective diffusion coefficient (De) of a solute in a permeable membrane using electronic speckle pattern interferometry. Fringes areExpand
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Ethanol effects on apparent solubility of poorly soluble drugs in simulated intestinal fluid.
Ethanol intake can lead to an unexpected and possibly problematic increase in the bioavailability of druglike compounds. In this work we investigated the effect of ethanol on the apparent solubilityExpand
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Work of friction and net work during compaction
Series of tablets were compressed in a reciprocating tablet machine with a gradually increasing die wall friction. The force needed on the upper punch to maintain the tablet dimensions constantExpand
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