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Situation models in language comprehension and memory.
The authors argue that the time has now come for researchers to begin to take the multidimensionality of situation models seriously and offer a theoretical framework and some methodological observations that may help researchers to tackle this issue.
Studies of directed forgetting in older adults.
A variety of findings indicated that this age group is less able than younger adults to suppress the processing and retrieval of items designated as to be forgotten (TBF).
Situation models and aging.
Overall, these findings suggest that although there are age-related declines in the processing and memory for text-based information, for higher level representations, these abilities appear to be preserved.
Walking through doorways causes forgetting: Situation models and experienced space
This research investigated the ability of people to retrieve information about objects as they moved through rooms in a virtual space with object names that were either associated with the person or dissociated from the person.
Aging and mind wandering during text comprehension.
Two experiments show that older adults exhibited a lower rate of mind wandering than younger adults, however, when using text interest as a covariate, the age difference in mind wandering disappeared.
Across the Event Horizon
The stream of action in life, virtual environments, film, and narratives is parsed into events. This parsing has consequences for memory. The transition from one event to another can impede memory in
Aging and situation model processing
This review focuses on the relevant factors in cognitive aging and situation model processing and places them within the larger frameworks of language processing, working memory capacity, and aging.
Mental models and the fan effect.
Findings not readily predicted by propositional network models are presented, finding that, during a speeded-recognition test, subjects retrieved facts about several objects associated with a single location faster thanfacts about several locations associatedwith a single object.
Event boundaries in memory and cognition
Constructing Multidimensional Situation Models During Reading
We examined which dimensions of the situation model (time, space, causation, motivation, and protagonist) are monitored by readers during narrative comprehension. Clause or sentence reading times