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A new ecological-severity ranking of major Phanerozoic biodiversity crises
A new ecological-severity ranking of the major Phanerozoic biodiversity crises is proposed in which the Capitanian crisis is ranked lesser than the Frasnian (Late Devonian) but greater than theExpand
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Ecological ranking of Phanerozoic biodiversity crises: ecological and taxonomic severities are decoupled
Abstract The past two decades have seen extensive analyses of the taxonomic severity of major biodiversity crises in geologic time. In contrast, we propose here an alternative analysis of theExpand
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Convergent Evolution: Limited Forms Most Beautiful
Charles Darwin famously concluded On the Origin of Species with a vision of "endless forms most beautiful" continually evolving. More than 150 years later many evolutionary biologists see not endlessExpand
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The Late Devonian mass extinction : the Frasnian/Famennian crisis
Based on two decades of research, The Late Devonian Mass Extinction reviews the many theories that have been presented to explain the global mass extinction that struck the earth over 367 millionExpand
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Theoretical Morphology: The Concept and Its Applications
PrefaceWhat is Thereotical Morphology?The Concept of the Theoretical MorphospaceTwists and Twigs: Theoretical Morphospaces of Branching Growth SystemsSpiral and Shells I: Theoretical Morphospaces ofExpand
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The Geometry of Evolution: Adaptive Landscapes and Theoretical Morphospaces
Preface 1. The concept of the adaptive landscape 2. Modelling natural selection in adaptive landscapes 3. Modelling evolutionary phenomena in adaptive landscapes 4. The concept of the theoreticalExpand
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Ecological ranking of Phanerozoic biodiversity crises: The Serpukhovian (early Carboniferous) crisis had a greater ecological impact than the end-Ordovician
We propose a new ecological ranking of the major Phanerozoic biodiversity crises in which the Serpukhovian biodiversity crisis is ranked fifth in ecological impact, lesser than the Late Devonian butExpand
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Decoupling of taxonomic and ecologic severity of Phanerozoic marine mass extinctions
There have been five major mass extinctions among the marine biota during the ∼0.6 b.y. history of metazoan life on Earth. These mass extinctions have been ranked from the largest to the smallest byExpand
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Iterative evolution of Middle Jurassic ammonite faunas
The phenomenon of iterative evolution of homeomorphs in identical temporal sequences is exhibited by Aalenian and Bajocian ammonite faunas in the south German depositional basin. Within eachExpand
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The Late Devonian (Frasnian/Famenian) mass extinction: a proposed test of the glaciation hypothesis
It is argued in this paper that late Frasnian global cooling was the first step in the onset of the Late Palaeozoic Ice Age, and that the late Frasnian extinctions are analogous to the earlyExpand
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