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Daughters and dragons in LXX Lamentations 4:3
The wording of the Masoretic text (MT) version of Lam 4:3, as represented by Codex Leningradensis, exhibits a number of features that are interesting from the points of view of orthography,Expand
Lamentations, Robin B. Salters : book review
This new commentary on Lamentations forms part of the newly commissioned International Critical Commentary (ICC) series. The stated goal of this commentary series is "to bring together all theExpand
Lion imagery in 1 Maccabees 3:4 : Septuagint conference articles (LXXSA 2014)
A very interesting case of lion imagery appears in 1 Macc 3:4. In this verse, the poet compares Judas Maccabee to a lion and a roaring cub. These similes merit closer investigation as part of theExpand
A text-critical analysis of Lamentations 1:7 in 4QLam and the Masoretic text
Taking the contributions of the Dead Sea scrolls to the discipline of Old Testament (OT) textual criticism as its point of departure, this study provides a text-critical analysis of the wordings ofExpand
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3 Greek Translations of Hebrew Left Dislocation Constructions in lxx Genesis
The Septuagint (LXX) holds great significance for more than one field of research. This corpus of Greek Jewish writings include translations of writings composed in Hebrew and Aramaic (especially,Expand