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Environmentally induced variation in elemental composition of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) otoliths
There was a high degree of variation in concentrations of each element within individual otoliths, even though they were produced under constant conditions, suggesting that precise reconstruction of environmental history for young red drum is impractical using otolith elemental composition.
A nursery site of the Alaska skate (Bathyraja parmifera) in the eastern Bering Sea
Evidence indicates that the Alaska skate uses the eastern Bering Sea outer continental shelf region for reproduction and the middle and inner shelf regions as habitat for immature and subadults.
The feeding habits of slope dwelling macrourid fishes in the eastern North Pacific
There were significant differences between the diets of A. pectoralis and C. acrolepis suggesting some degree of niche separation between macrourid species on the continental slope of the eastern North Pacific.
Molecular systematics of the skate subgenus Arctoraja (Bathyraja: Rajidae) and support for an undescribed species, the leopard skate, with comments on the phylogenetics of Bathyraja
Phylogenetic analysis suggests that Arctoraja is monophyletic, but that the genus Bathyraja may be paraphyletic due to the phylogenetic position of Rhinoraja.
Natural variation in elemental composition of sagittae from red drum
It is suggested that the roughly seasonal patterns of variation in otolith sodium and potassium concentrations may be a result of reproductive activity.
Biology and ecology of threaded sculpin, Gymnocanthus pistilliger, in the eastern Bering Sea
The present study reports on the ecology and biology of G. pistilliger from Bristol Bay, Alaska, and compares it to ecology studies conducted on western North Pacifi c populations.
Faunal Assemblage Structure on the Patton Seamount ( Gulf of Alaska , USA )
Epibenthic and demersal assemblages of fish and invertebrates on the Patton Seamount in the Gulf of Alaska, U.S.A., were studied in July 1999 using the Deep Sea Research Vehicle Alvin. Faunal
Identification of skate nursery habitat in the eastern Bering Sea
The movement of juvenile skates out of nursery habitat after hatching may lessen predation by common predators such as the Pacific cod Gadus macrocephalus and the Pacific halibut Hippoglossus stenolepis.
Embryo developmental events and the egg case of the Aleutian skate Bathyraja aleutica (Gilbert) and the Alaska skate Bathyraja parmifera (Bean).
  • G. R. Hoff
  • Biology, Medicine
    Journal of fish biology
  • 1 February 2009
Embryo development events were correlated with egg-case changes for the Aleutian skate B Kathyraja aleutica and the Alaska skate Bathyraja parmifera, and Measurements showed that egg cases containing only egg jelly were smaller in both width and length than those possessing an ova.
Bathyraja panthera, a new species of skate (Rajidae: Arhynchobatinae) from the western Aleutian Islands, and resurrection of the subgenus Arctoraja Ishiyama
A new species of skate from the North Pacific, Bathyraja panthera is recognized, diagnosed by its color pattern of light yellow blotches with black spotting on a greenish brown background, high thorn and vertebral counts, chondrological characters of the neurocranium and clasper, and a unique nucleotide sequence within the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase gene.