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Chrysosporium tropicum as a probable cause of mycosis of poultry in India
Chrysosporium tropicum was isolated from comb lesions in two different breeds of chickens in India and subcultures were shown to be pathogenic when inoculated onto prepared skin of guinea pigs. ThisExpand
A new and widely distributed species of Pseudoarachniotus
Although certain differences appeared in colonial coloration and growth characteristics, all strains were similar in 2 fundamental characteristics, viz., type of ascospore and type of gametangial initials and their subsequent development. Expand
SUMMARY Three genera of the Gymnoascaceae are described and discussed. Gymnascella, a genus generally ignored since it was established, includes three species transferred from Arachniotus: G.Expand
Soil fungi from Orissa (India) I.
This paper is a preliminary study of soil fungi from five localities of Cuttack city, Orissa, which shows that the soil of the city is sandy loam but is alluvial at certain places. Expand
Keratinophilic fungi from Orissa, India, I: Isolation from soils.
Results of a preliminary survey of keratinophilic fungi in soils collected from five districts of Orissa, India, are reported, and the isolation of Aph. Expand
Keratophilic fungi and the prevalence of dermatomycoses in Orissa, India.
A survey of rural and urban student populations was undertaken to determine the prevalence of dermatomycoses in the district of Puri (Orissa). Tinea corporis was found to be the predominant diseaseExpand
Keratinophilic fungi from Orissa, India, II: Isolations from feathers of wild birds and domestic fowls.
Passer domesticus (the house sparrow) harboured the largest varieties of keratinophilic fungi: the Chrysosporium state of Arthroderma tuberculatum was found to be associated with it selectively, and the associations of these keratinophile fungi with birds were non-clinical in nature. Expand
Survey of keratinophilic fungi inhabiting Passer domesticus in two districts of Orissa, India
The distribution patterns of keratinophilic fungi isolated from Passer domesticus of a coastal and an intercoastal district were compared with respect to three parameters, season, age and sex and Chrysosporium tropicum and Rollandina hyalinospora showed the highest frequency of occurrence. Expand
Soil fungi from orissa (India) IV. Soil fungi of paddy fields
Not much difference in the species of fungi was observed to exist between Cuttack and Sambalpur plots, between fertile and less fertile plots but a definite difference was found between the fungal flora of “dalua” and main crop seasons. Expand