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Expression of the immunoregulatory molecule FcRH4 defines a distinctive tissue-based population of memory B cells
The FcRH4 transmembrane molecule, a member of the Fc receptor homologue family, can potently inhibit B cell receptor (BCR) signaling. We show that cell surface expression of this immunoregulatoryExpand
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Discriminating gene expression profiles of memory B cell subpopulations
Morphologically and functionally distinct subpopulations of human memory B (BMem) cells are identifiable by either their expression of CD27 or Fc receptor–like 4 (FCRL4), an immunoglobulin domainExpand
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Immunoregulatory roles for fc receptor-like molecules.
Fc receptor-like (FCRL) molecules comprise a family of imunoregulatory transmembrane proteins that are preferentially, but not exclusively expressed on B lineage cells. A strong regulatory potentialExpand
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Fc receptor-like proteins (FCRL): immunomodulators of B cell function.
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