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Temperature and pH studies on phytochrome in vitro.
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Optical rotatory dispersion and circular dichroism spectra of phytochrome.
1. 1. The optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) and circular dichroism (CD) of phytochrome in the PR and PFR forms were determined from 200 to 500 nm. Both the ORD and the CD spectra showed dramaticExpand
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Dissociation of Methyl Bromide by Nuclear Isomeric Transition of 4.4‐hr Br80m
The pattern of positively charged fragments from methyl bromide as a result of isomeric transition of 4.4‐hr Br80m has been measured by mass spectrometric techniques. A peaked distribution of chargeExpand
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Infrared and Raman Spectra, Force Constants, and the Structures of Some Polyhalide Ions: ICl2−, ICl4−, BrCl2−, and Br3−
The infrared and Raman spectra for the polyhalide ions (ICl2−, ICl4−, BrCl2−, and Br3−) are presented. From these data, the X—Y stretching force constant fr, the interaction force constants frrExpand
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Isomeric Effects in Fragmentation by Beta Decay: Monotritiated Propanes and Toluenes
The spectra of positively charged fragments from beta decay of tritium in primary and secondary monotritiated propane and in o‐, m‐, p‐, and α‐monotritiated toluene have been determined by massExpand
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Vibronic Effects in Hydrogen Bonding
Vibronic states of model hydrogen (H)‐bonded systems X‐H···X are computed using a numerical solution to the Schrodinger equation. From the calculated energy eigenvalues, model properties are derivedExpand
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