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Evaluating the educational impact of visualization
The educational impact of visualization depends not only on how well students learn when they use it, but also on how widely it is used by instructors. Instructors believe that visualization helpsExpand
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ANIMAL: A System for Supporting Multiple Roles in Algorithm Animation
Abstract Many algorithm animation tools have been developed over the last years. The users of such tools can be separated into four roles: the original algorithm programmer, developers of theExpand
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The ANIMAL algorithm animation tool
In this paper, we present Animal, a new tool for developing animations to be used in lectures. Animal offers a small but powerful set of graphical operators. Animations are generated using a visualExpand
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A testbed for pedagogical requirements in algorithm visualizations
Although algorithm visualizations have become numerous, they still have not been successfully adapted into mainstream computer science education. Algorithm visualization systems need to betterExpand
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Extending moodle to better support computing education
Learning Management Systems such as Moodle are popular teaching tools with a broad spectrum of features. However, several aspects relevant for computing education are typically missing. This includesExpand
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Program Visualization Using AnimalScript
ANIMALSCRIPT is a powerful scripting language for generating program visualizations using the ANIMAL animation tool. ANIMAL itself offers a small but powerful set of graphical operators. ANIMALSCRIPTExpand
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Integrating categories of algorithm learning objective into algorithm visualization design: a proposal
Algorithm Visualization (AV) can be analyzed and evaluated through three properties: the symbol system, the interactivity, and the didactic structure. While the relationship between various symbolExpand
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Enhancing classroom lectures with digital sliding blackboards
Traditional blackboard-based lectures provide context on the sliding blackboards. Modern lectures incorporating video projectors typically do not provide this context. We describe a project thatExpand
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Improving Feedback and Classroom Interaction Using Mobile Phones
Interaction, such as being able to ask questions, is an important part in lectures. Both educators and students can benefit from software support in very large lectures. As a cost-effective andExpand
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First Steps Towards a Visualization-Based Computer Science Hypertextbook as a Moodle Module
Hypertextbooks for Computer Science contents present an interesting approach to better support learners and integrate algorithm animations into the learning materials. We have developed a prototypeExpand
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