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Influence of heavy metals on C and N mineralisation and microbial biomass in Zn-, Pb-, Cu-, and Cd-contaminated soils
Abstract Eight soil samples were taken along a gradient of metal contamination, from a heavy metals contaminated pasture that was polluted by the disposal of wastes of metallurgic industry thatExpand
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Heavy metal accumulation by two earthworm species and its relationship to total and DTPA-extractable metals in soils
The concentrations of Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu in earthworm tissues were compared with the total and DTPA-extractable contents of these heavy metals in contaminated soils. Samples were taken from a pastureExpand
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Resistance to rice root-knot nematode Meloidogyne graminicola identified in Oryza longistaminata and O. glaberrima
Accessions of Oryza longistaminata and O. glaberrima, two rice species from Africa, and O. sativa were screened to identify sources of resistance to Meloidogyne graminicola. An initial population ofExpand
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Use of a mixture of sand and water-absorbent synthetic polymer as substrate for the xenic culturing of plant-parasitic nematodes in the laboratory
Xenic culturing of plant-parasitic nematodes on host plants was successful in sterilised natural soils in the laboratory, particularly in native soil, in which large populations of selected nematodeExpand
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Belowground organism activities affect plant aboveground phenotype, inducing plant tolerance to parasites
Soil fauna activities are probably more important than currently acknowledged in determining individual plant response to stresses and overall plant diversity. Here we demonstrate that the positiveExpand
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Management of Meloidogyne graminicola and yield of upland rice in South-Luzon, Philippines
Meloidogyne graminicola, the rice root-knot nematode, has become a constraint on Asian rice production due to rice cropping intensification and increasing scarcity of water. This work relates to theExpand
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Biotic and abiotic causes of yield failure in tropical aerobic rice.
Abstract Aerobic rice is a new production system for water-short environments. Adapted varieties are usually direct dry seeded and the crop grown under aerobic soil conditions with supplementaryExpand
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Effects of trefoil cover crop and earthworm inoculation on maize crop and soil organisms in Reunion Island
Abstract Traditional tree fallows have been abandoned on the western coast of the Reunion Island because of the increasing need for cultivated land. Soil fertility is no longer restored and cropExpand
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Effect of Sesbania rostrata on Hirschmanniella oryzae in Flooded Rice.
Microplot experiments on flooded soil infested with Hirschmanniella oryzae were conducted to investigate the influence of the legum Sesbania rostrata as a rotation crop with rice, Oryza sativa L. cv.Expand
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Linkage mapping of Hsa-1Og, a resistance gene of African rice to the cyst nematode, Heterodera sacchari
Abstract Inheritance of resistance to cyst nematode (Heterodera sacchari) in Oryza sativa was investigated by inoculation tests with isolate 244 from Congo in segregating populations derived fromExpand
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