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Effective self-purification of polynary metal electroplating wastewaters through formation of layered double hydroxides.
Heavy metal ions (Ni(2+), Zn(2+), and Cr(3+)) can be effectively removed from real polynary metal ions-bearing electroplating wastewaters by a carbonation process, with ∼99% of metal ions removed inExpand
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Glycolysis recycling of rigid waste polyurethane foam from refrigerators
Rapid growth of rigid waste polyurethane (WPUR) foam from refrigerators attracts the attention all over the world. In this study, glycolysis was chosen to treat WPUR from scrapped refrigeratorsExpand
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Extraction and stripping kinetics of copper (II) by N902 using single drop technique
The kinetics of extraction and stripping of copper (II) was investigated by the single drop technique with a new extractant N902 (a derivative of the salicylal-doxime) and the rate equations ofExpand
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Hydrometallurgical process for separation and recovery of product from serpentine waste
Abstract The purpose of this study was to develop a process to recover value product from serpentine wastes using countercurrent leaching and solvent extraction. Countercurrent leaching of serpentineExpand
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Hierarchical structures of single-crystalline anatase TiO2 nanosheets dominated by {001} facets.
mol) were mixed and stirred constantly for 2 min. Thenadditional IBA (30 mL) and HF (10% w/w, 0.4 mL) wereadded to the mixture, which was kept stirring for 2 min. Themixture was heated in aExpand
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Regional assessment of ambient volatile organic compounds from biopharmaceutical R&D complex.
Biopharmaceutical R&D complexes are major emission sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which may pose potential health risks for staff on site and residents nearby. In this paper healthExpand
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Kinetics of leaching refractory gold ores by ultrasonic-assisted electro-chlorination
The resources of refractory gold ores are abundant, and their effective treatment can bring good economic benefits. This paper investigated the kinetics of leaching gold from refractory gold ores byExpand
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Effect of carbonate on anaerobic acidogenesis and fermentative hydrogen production from glucose using leachate as supplementary culture under alkaline conditions.
Carbonate was added into a co-culture of glucose and fresh leachate under alkaline condition to enhance batched acidogenesis and fermentative hydrogen production simultaneously. Results indicatedExpand
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A novel approach to separation of waste printed circuit boards using dimethyl sulfoxide
Waste printed circuit boards are complex heterogeneous mixture consisting of organic material, metal and glass fiber, therefore, it is quite difficult for the recovery of valuable materials fromExpand
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Preparation, characterization, and stability of calcium zinc hydrophosphate
Abstract Calcium zinc hydrophosphate phases with different Zn/(Zn + Ca) molar ratios ( x Zn , from 0 to 1) were synthesized using co-precipitation method at pH 10, 25 °C. X-ray diffraction, FT-IRExpand
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