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Molecular Identification of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus, Scombridae) Larvae and Development of a DNA Character-Based Identification Key for Mediterranean Scombrids
A molecular approach employing mitochondrial and nuclear genes to identify larvae collected from three spawning areas in the Mediterranean Sea by different institutions working with a regional fisheries management organization reveals important differences in the accuracy of the taxonomic identifications carried out by different ichthyoplanktologists following morphology-based methods. Expand
Macroalgae in Tropical Marine Coastal Systems
Tropical coastal marine systems inhabited by macroalgae can typically be categorized as coral reefs, seagrass meadows, or mangrove forests. The role of macroalgae in these systems is fundamentallyExpand
Genomic population structure of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to Cape Fear River
New hypotheses about the dynamic zoogeography of Striped Bass at its northern range are introduced and has important implications for the local and international management of this species. Expand
Spatial dynamics and mixing of bluefin tuna in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea revealed using next‐generation sequencing
The results provide evidence of persistent population structuring across broad geographic areas and extensive mixing in the Atlantic Ocean, particularly in the mid‐Atlantic Bight and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Expand
Misidentification of bluefin tuna larvae: a call for caution and taxonomic reform
A more constructive integration of morphology-based taxonomy and barcoding is advocated in order to add confidence to larval surveys and to strengthen associated fisheries management. Expand
Chromosomal inversions in the Atlantic cod genome: Implications for management of Canada’s Northern cod stock
Abstract Following stock collapse and over twenty years of moratoria, the state of Canada’s Northern Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) remains precarious. To test if recent stock growth was of endogenousExpand
Bird is the word – on the importance of ethical and effective scientific communication
Back in 1963, the proto-punk band The Trashmen released the single Surfin’ bird (written by Frazier, White, Harris & Wilson Jr. and released in November 1963 by Garrett label;Expand
Assessment of the population structure and temporal changes in spatial dynamics and genetic characteristics of the Atlantic bluefin tuna under a fishery independent framework.
The aims of this PhD project were to assess the accuracy of larval identification methods, determine the genetic structure of modern BFT populations, assess the self-recruitment rate in the Gulf of Mexico and Mediterranean spawning areas, estimate the immigration rate of BFT to feeding aggregations from the various spawn areas, and develop tools capable of investigating the temporal stability of population structuring in the Mediterranean Sea. Expand