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Enhancing conservation, ecosystem services, and local livelihoods through a wildlife premium mechanism.
We propose the wildlife premium mechanism as an innovation to conserve endangered large vertebrates. The performance-based payment scheme would allow stakeholders in lower-income countries toExpand
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Relevance Theory—New Directions and Developments
As a post-Gricean pragmatic theory, Relevance Theory takes as its starting point the question of how hearers bridge the gap between sentence meaning and speaker meaning. Expand
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Language, Thought and Reference
How should we best analyse the meaning of proper names, indexicals, demonstratives, both simple and complex, and definite descriptions? In what relation do such expressions stand to the objectsExpand
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Do nurses go on courses just to collect tickets?
  • G. Powell
  • Medicine
  • British journal of nursing
  • 8 February 2001
The question ‘Which course shall I go on next?’ has become a familiar cry in hospital wards throughout the country. When the postregistration education and practice (PREP) guidelines were introducedExpand
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Compositionality , innocence and the interpretation of NPs *
Neale (1999) outlines a theory of meaning which he claims can account for a range of problematic semantic data while respecting two intuitively plausible constraints on semantic theory:Expand
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