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Cellular stress conditions are reflected in the protein and RNA content of endothelial cell-derived exosomes
The data show that hypoxia and endothelial activation are reflected in RNA and protein exosome composition, and that exposure to high sugar concentrations alters exosomes protein composition only to a minor extend, and does not affectExosome RNA composition. Expand
Influence of aldehyde fixation on the morphology of endosomes and lysosomes: quantitative analysis and electron tomography
It is found that aldehyde fixation causes a significant deformation and reduction of endosomal volume without affecting the membrane length, and the implications for the interpretation of immunogold localization studies on chemically fixed cells are discussed. Expand
Five Genes Encoding Surface-Exposed LPXTG Proteins Are Enriched in Hospital-Adapted Enterococcus faecium Clonal Complex 17 Isolates
Minimal spanning tree analysis revealed grouping of all 40 CC17 strains together with 18 hospital-derived but evolutionary unrelated non-CC17 isolates in a distinct CWAP-enriched cluster, suggesting horizontal transfer of CWAP genes and a role of these CWAPs in hospital adaptation. Expand
Glycation Induces Formation of Amyloid Cross-β Structure in Albumin*
Amyloid fibrils are components of proteinaceous plaques that are associated with conformational diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, and familialExpand
Immunogold Labeling of Cryosections from High‐Pressure Frozen Cells
This work explored some new methods for applying immunogold labeling on cryosections from high‐pressure frozen cells (HepG2 cells, primary chondrocytes) and tissues (cartilage and exocrine pancreas) and found that immunolabeling was as efficient as with the Tokuyasu method. Expand
Proliferation and Differentiation of Bovine Type A Spermatogonia During Long-Term Culture1
For the first time to the authors' knowledge, a method has been developed to allow proliferation and differentiation of highly purified type A sperMatogonia, including spermatogonial stem cells during long-term culture. Expand
A Reliable and Convenient Method to Store Ultrathin Thawed Cryosections Prior to Immunolabeling
Investigating the extent to which ultrathin cryosections can be stored for a longer period of time found the preservation of the ultrastructure of stored sections was excellent and was similar to that of immediately processed sections. Expand
Endocytosis of GPI-linked membrane folate receptor-alpha
The data indicate that a large fraction, if not all, of internalizing MFR-alpha bypasses caveolae, and GPI-linked membrane folate receptors have been implicated in the receptor-mediated uptake of reduced folate cofactors and folate-based chemotherapeutic drugs. Expand
Detergent insolubility of alkaline phosphatase during biosynthetic transport and endocytosis. Role of cholesterol.
After depletion of membrane cholesterol by saponin, alkaline phosphatase became completely soluble in Triton X-100 at 0 degrees C, suggesting that cholesterol plays a critical role in the formation and maintenance of Trit on X- 100-resistant membrane domains. Expand
Quantitative aspects of immunogold labeling in embedded and in nonembedded sections.
A simple immunocytochemical method by which concentrations of a protein can be measured in situ at subcellular levels, provided that no variations in the protein's structural conformation occur that would affect its immunoreactivity is designed. Expand