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The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor
Of particular significance is the observation that this fourth phase is charged; and, the water just beyond is oppositely charged, creating a battery that can produce current. We found that lightExpand
Surfaces and interfacial water: evidence that hydrophilic surfaces have long-range impact.
It is reported here that colloidal and molecular solutes suspended in aqueous solution are profoundly and extensively excluded from the vicinity of various hydrophilic surfaces, carrying broad implication for surface-molecule interactions in many realms. Expand
Effect of active pre‐shortening on isometric and isotonic performance of single frog muscle fibres.
It is found that active preshortening reduced isometric force considerably, thereby confirming earlier work of others, and Velocity of shortening appeared to be much more sensitive to previous shortening than isometricforce. Expand
Long-range forces extending from polymer-gel surfaces.
Evidence is presented that this finding is not an artifact, and that solute-repulsion forces exist at distances far greater than conventional theory predicts, which implies that solutes may interact over an unexpectedly long range. Expand
Mechanics of F-actin characterized with microfabricated cantilevers.
The results suggest that F-actin is more compliant than previously thought and that thin filament compliance may account for a substantial fraction of the sarcomere's elasticity. Expand
Myocardial sarcomere dynamics during isometric contraction.
At all but the shortest muscle lengths, sarcomere shortening was fully accounted for by equivalent lengthening of the non‐striated regions near the clamped ends of the preparation, which seems to constitute the source of the large series elasticity characteristic of isolated papillary muscle preparations such as this. Expand
Basis of passive tension and stiffness in isolated rabbit myofibrils.
It is concluded that, for a truly relaxed myofibril, both passive force and dynamic stiffness principally reflect the intrinsic viscoelastic properties of the titin filaments. Expand
Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life: A New Unifying Approach to Cell Function
The publisher's hype on the covers of this book would appear to make criticism by mere mortals seem perverse! It is written in a style that either entertains or annoys, depending on the reader'sExpand
Spontaneous sarcomeric oscillations at intermediate activation levels in single isolated cardiac myofibrils.
Undamped propagated oscillations that occur in the absence of SR are reported, and a mechanism for the oscillations is considered in which a length dependence of myofibrillar Ca2+ sensitivity and a dynamic Z-line structure are essential. Expand
The role of aqueous interfaces in the cell.
  • G. Pollack
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Advances in colloid and interface science
  • 25 April 2003
This review aims to begin bridging the gap between biology and interface science-to show that a surface-oriented approach has power to bring fresh insights into an otherwise impenetrably complex maze. Expand