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Surfaces and interfacial water: evidence that hydrophilic surfaces have long-range impact.
It is generally thought that the impact of surfaces on the contiguous aqueous phase extends to a distance of no more than a few water-molecule layers. Older studies, on the other hand, suggest a moreExpand
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The fourth phase of water : beyond solid, liquid, and vapor
Of particular significance is the observation that this fourth phase is charged; and, the water just beyond is oppositely charged, creating a battery that can produce current. We found that lightExpand
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Effect of active pre‐shortening on isometric and isotonic performance of single frog muscle fibres.
1. We studied the effects of shortening history on isometric force and isotonic velocity in single intact frog fibres. Fibres were isometrically tetanized. When force reached a plateau, shorteningExpand
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Long-range forces extending from polymer-gel surfaces.
Aqueous suspensions of microspheres were infused around gels of varying composition. The solutes were excluded from zones on the order of 100 microm from the gel surface. We present evidence thatExpand
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Mechanics of F-actin characterized with microfabricated cantilevers.
In this report we characterized the longitudinal elasticity of single actin filaments manipulated by novel silicon-nitride microfabricated levers. Single actin filaments were stretched from zeroExpand
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Spontaneous sarcomeric oscillations at intermediate activation levels in single isolated cardiac myofibrils.
Spontaneous oscillations observed in various heart muscle preparations are widely thought to be triggered by spontaneous release of Ca2+ from the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR). Here, we report undampedExpand
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Myocardial sarcomere dynamics during isometric contraction.
1. Sarcomere lengths were measured during rest and throughout the time course of isometric contractions in thin, isolated rat papillary muscles using light diffraction techniques. 2. Shortening ofExpand
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Effect of radiant energy on near-surface water.
While recent research on interfacial water has focused mainly on the few interfacial layers adjacent to the solid boundary, century-old studies have extensively shown that macroscopic domains ofExpand
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Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life: A New Unifying Approach to Cell Function
The publisher's hype on the covers of this book would appear to make criticism by mere mortals seem perverse! It is written in a style that either entertains or annoys, depending on the reader'sExpand
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Basis of passive tension and stiffness in isolated rabbit myofibrils.
By examining the mechanical properties of isolated skeletal and cardiac myofibrils in calcium-free, ATP-containing solution, we attempted to separate the stiffness contribution of titin filamentsExpand
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