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Bristle-like integumentary structures at the tail of the horned dinosaur Psittacosaurus
Abstract. A specimen of the horned dinosaur Psittacosaurus from the early Cretaceous of China is described in which the integument is extraordinarily well-preserved. Most unusual is the presence ofExpand
The Devono-Carboniferous transition in the Franco-Belgian basin with reference to foraminifera and brachiopods
Apres un bref resume des tendances evolutives les plus marquees des assemblages de foraminiferes du Frasnien superieur au Tournaisien inferieur du Nord-Ouest de l'Europe, quelques nouvelles donneesExpand
Taphonomic evidence for high-speed adapted fins in thunniform ichthyosaurs
Ichthyosaurs have been compared with the fast-swimming thunniform groups of marine vertebrates, tuna, lamnid sharks, and dolphins, based on similarity of shape of the body and locomotory organs. InExpand
Paleoenvironment of an Early Devonian Land–Sea Transition: a Case Study from the Southern Margin of the Old Red Continent (Mosel Valley, Germany)
Abstract An interdisciplinary approach was used to investigate the facies and paleogeography of the Lower Devonian sedimentary sequence of the Alken quarry, Mosel Valley, Germany. This 87-m-thickExpand
The integument of Psittacosaurus from Liaoning Province, China: taphonomy, epidermal patterns and color of a ceratopsian dinosaur
Preserved skin of small dinosaurs is rare. Here, a specimen of the ceratopsian dinosaur, Psittacosaurus, presents some of the best preserved epidermal scales observed to date in a relatively smallExpand
Restatement of the late Tournaisian Spirifer tornacensis de Koninck, 1883 on the base of the original collection
The original collection of Spirifer tornacensis de KONINCK, 1883b is composed of the seven specimens of the type series plus two specimens added by de KONINCK in 1887. Lithographs of five specimensExpand
Neritic–pelagic correlation in the Lower and basal Middle Devonian of the Dra Valley (Southern Anti-Atlas, Moroccan Pre-Sahara)
Abstract Marine Lower Devonian successions are widely exposed in the Dra Valley (Southern Anti-Atlas, Moroccan Pre-Sahara). Resulting from new studies, especially on brachiopods, conodonts, andExpand
Devonian of Central and Western Afghanistan and Southern Iran
Abstract Over the past three years the authors have studied the palaeontology, stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the Palaeozoic sequence of Central and Western Afghanistan, south of the Hindukush.Expand
Description of Mesochorispira konincki (Dewalque, 1895), a spiriferid brachiopod from the Belgian Upper Tournaisian
The Upper Tournaisian Belgian species erroneously attributed by de KONINCK (1881, 1883b, 1887) to the Russian species Spirifer cinctus KEYSERLING, 1846, was named S. Konincki by DEWALQUE (1895). OnExpand