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Nurse Staffing Models, Nursing Hours, and Patient Safety Outcomes
Background Data Limited research has been conducted examining the effect of nurse staffing models on costs and patient outcomes. Objective The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect ofExpand
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Use of the balanced scorecard in health care.
Since Kaplan and Norton published their article proposing a balanced scorecard, the concept has been widely adopted by industry and health care provider organizations. This article reviews the use ofExpand
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Scale and scope efficiencies through hospital consolidations.
The hospital sector in the Province of Ontario has recently completed a large scale restructuring marked by wide ranging hospital closures, mergers and program transfers. Given a generallyExpand
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Nurse Staffing Models as Predictors of Patient Outcomes
Background. Little research has been conducted that examined the intended effects of nursing care on clinical outcomes. Objective. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of differentExpand
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Continuity of care: Validation of a new self-report measure for individuals using mental health services
Continuity of care is a concern for individuals with persistent mental illness who need diverse services over time in response to multiple and changing needs. Efforts to study continuity have beenExpand
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The Rising Rate of Rural Hospital Closures.
PURPOSE Since 2010, the rate of rural hospital closures has increased significantly. This study is a preliminary look at recent closures and a formative step in research to understand the causes andExpand
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Balancing incentives in the compensation contracts of nonprofit hospital CEOs.
Given the considerable insight into corporate governance achieved through studies of executive compensation in proprietary firms it is surprising that executive contracting in nonprofit organizationsExpand
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Sociodemographic and Personality Characteristics of Canadian Donors Contributing to International Charity
This study aims to establish a sociodemographic and personality profile of Canadians who donate internationally, fills the gap in the literature with regard to individual-level determinants ofExpand
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Towards a Canadian model of integrated healthcare.
Canada does not have integrated healthcare. Canada has a series of disconnected parts, a hodge-podge patchwork, healthcare industry comprising hospitals, doctors' offices, group practices, communityExpand
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Financial indicators for critical access hospitals.
CONTEXT There is a growing recognition of the need to measure and report hospital financial performance. However, there exists little comparative financial indicator data specifically for criticalExpand
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