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Lower Devonian conodonts from the Buchan group, eastern Victoria
The material for this systematic study of conodonts from eastern Victoria comes from localities in Buchan Caves limestone, Taravale mudstone, and Murrindal limestone members of the Buchan group,Expand
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Lower Devonian biostratigraphy in the Wee Jasper region of New South Wales
Lithostratigraphy, two groups and six formations, conodonts and tetracoral faunas, systematic descriptions, new taxa, stratigraphic distribution
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Tertiary brissid echinoids of southern Australia
Nine species of brissid echinoids are described from Eocene to Miocene strata of Victoria, South Australia and the southern part of Western Australia. Redescribed are Gillechinus cudmorei Fell 1964a;Expand
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Australian Tertiary schizasterid echinoids
The taxonomy of schizasterid spatangoids is discussed and the term is restricted to include only Schizaster-like echinoids. Within the genus Schizaster Agassiz the following morphological subgeneraExpand
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Lower Devonian subspecies of the conodont Polygnathus linguiformis Hinde from southeastern Australia
Two new subspecies of the conodont element Polygnathus linguiformis Hinde are described from late lower Devonian strata of southeastern Australia. The subspecies are distinguished by the developmentExpand
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Notocarpos garratti gen. et sp. nov., a new Silurian mitrate carpoid from Victoria
Notocarpos garratti gen. et sp. nov. is described from the middle Ludlovian Humevale Formation of the Clonbinane district, Victoria. It is compared with similar anomalocystitid carpoids and is foundExpand
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