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Mean LBP and modified fuzzy C-means weighted hybrid feature for illumination invariant mean-shift tracking
Experimental results show that the proposed scheme can lead to better localization and robust tracking in challenging illumination scenarios, when compared to several existing tracking algorithms. Expand
Comparative Study of Different Image fusion Techniques
Some of the existing image fusion techniques for image fusion like the Averaging Method, Select Maximum/Select Minimum, Discrete Wavelet transform based fusion and Principal component analysis (PCA) based fusion are discussed and their comparative study together are given. Expand
An improved content based image retreival
The proposed method uses color features of the image but to improve the retrieval results in terms of its accuracy relevance feedback is suggested. Expand
Illumination invariant Mean-shift tracking
This paper proposes a novel algorithm based on discrete cosine transform (DCT) to handle illumination variations, since illumination variations are mainly reflected in the low-frequency band. Expand
Improved Weighted Histogram for Illumination Invariant Mean-shift Tracking
The experimental results show that the proposed weighted histogram approach for mean shift tracking to achieve illumination invariance can lead to faster convergence, more accurate localization and robust tracking in several illumination scenarios, when compared to existing methods. Expand
Movement Control of Robot using Fuzzy PID Algorithm
Fuzzy Logic is a investigative control system method that contributes to performance in systems. It covers almost every electronic circuit, very large computer networks, process automation toExpand
Improved mean shift for multi-target tracking
Object tracking is critical to visual surveillance and activity analysis. The color based mean shift has been addressed as an effective and fast algorithm for tracking. But it fails in case ofExpand
Robust multiple target tracking under occlusion using fragmented mean shift and Kalman filter
  • G. Phadke
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Communications and…
  • 24 March 2011
This paper investigates how to improve the robustness of visual tracking method for multiple target tracking with occlusion handling and proposes weighted fragment based mean shift with Kalman filter with the consideration of color features of the target. Expand
Classification of orange juice adulteration using LDA, PCA and ANN
This paper describes the classification of orange juice samples using Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) detection techniques.Expand
Design of Room Cooler using Fuzzy Logic Control System
The modification of Autonomous room air cooler using fuzzy logic control system is reported in this paper [1]. It consists of two crisp input values from temperature and humidity sensors and threeExpand