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Functional Split between Parietal and Entorhinal Cortices in the Rat
Posterior parietal cortex (PPC) and medial entorhinal cortex (MEC) are important elements of the neural circuit for space, but whether representations in these areas are controlled by the sameExpand
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Justify your alpha
In response to recommendations to redefine statistical significance to P ≤ 0.005, we propose that researchers should transparently report and justify all choices they make when designing a study,Expand
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Compromised fidelity of endocytic synaptic vesicle protein sorting in the absence of stonin 2
Significance Brain function depends on neurotransmission, and alterations in this process are linked to neuropsychiatric disorders. Neurotransmitter release requires the rapid recycling of synapticExpand
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The Psychological Science Accelerator: Advancing Psychology Through a Distributed Collaborative Network
Concerns about the veracity of psychological research have been growing. Many findings in psychological science are based on studies with insufficient statistical power and nonrepresentative samples,Expand
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Preserved white matter microstructure in young patients with anorexia nervosa?
A massive but reversible reduction of cortical thickness and subcortical gray matter (GM) volumes in Anorexia Nervosa (AN) has been recently reported. However, the literature on alterations in whiteExpand
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A two-stage cognitive theory of the positive symptoms of psychosis. Highlighting the role of lowered decision thresholds.
OBJECTIVES We outline a two-stage heuristic account for the pathogenesis of the positive symptoms of psychosis. METHODS A narrative review on the empirical evidence of the liberal acceptance (LA)Expand
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On the Measurement of Procrastination: Comparing Two Scales in Six European Countries
Procrastination is a common problem, but defining and measuring it has been subject to some debate. This paper summarizes results from students and employees (N = 2893) in Finland, Germany, Italy,Expand
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Ordinality and novel sequence learning in jackdaws
A hallmark of higher cognition is the flexible use of information. This requires an abstract representation of the information. In sequence learning, ordinal position knowledge is seen as a moreExpand
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Motivational Factors for User Engagement with mHealth Apps
The widespread adoption of smartphones creates an enormous potential to improve healthcare services. Expand
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Precision and Reliability in Animal Navigation
Uncertainty plays an important role in several navigational computations. Navigation typically depends on multiple sources of information, and different navigational systems may operate both inExpand
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