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The dynamics and drivers of fuel and fire in the Portuguese public forest.
The assumption that increased wildfire incidence in the Mediterranean Basin during the last decades is an outcome of changes in land use warrants an objective analysis. In this study we examine howExpand
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Revising the sweet chestnut ( Castanea sativa Mill.) refugia history of the last glacial period with extended pollen and macrofossil evidence
Abstract Recent advances in palaeoecology provide growing evidence of complex spatio-temporal patterns of tree species survival during the last glaciation. The distribution of Sweet chestnutExpand
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Linking traits between plants and invertebrate herbivores to track functional effects of land‐use changes
Questions Ecosystem functions and underlying services are strongly influenced by multitrophic relationships, with functional traits playing a central role in structuring them. Which traits andExpand
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Weather and human impacts on forest fires: 100 years of fire history in two climatic regions of Switzerland
Abstract Understanding the factors driving past fire regimes is crucial in the context of global change as a basis for predicting future changes. In this study, we aimed to identify the impact ofExpand
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Fire regime: history and definition of a key concept in disturbance ecology
Abstract“Fire regime” has become, in recent decades, a key concept in many scientific domains. In spite of its wide spread use, the concept still lacks a clear and wide established definition. ManyExpand
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Recent climate change: Long-term trends in meteorological forest fire danger in the Alps
Abstract Climate change is one of the key issues in current scientific research. In this paper we investigate the impacts of rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns on meteorologicalExpand
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Lightning-induced fires in the Alpine region: An increasing problem
Fires ignited by lightning are not considered a serious problem in Europe and, in particular, the Mediterranean region where lightning is only a minor cause of forest fires. In the Central Alps andExpand
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Fire regime shifts as a consequence of fire policy and socio-economic development: An analysis based on the change point approach☆
When fire events remain recurrent in a given area over a certain period of time they usually result in a specific fire regime. Where humans interact with the landscapes, changing their flammabilityExpand
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Exotic or not, leaf trait dissimilarity modulates the effect of dominant species on mixed litter decomposition
It has long been recognized that leaf traits exert a crucial control on litter decomposition, a key process for nutrient cycling, and that invading species can greatly alter such soil processes viaExpand
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Post-fire spread of alien plant species in a mixed broad-leaved forest of the Insubric region
a b s t r a c t How do tree species regenerate and which ecological conditions are required after forest fire in the Insubric region of the Alps? Are indigenous stand-forming tree species resistantExpand
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