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River energy budgets with special reference to river bed processes
This paper uses detailed hydrometeorological data to evaluate the influence of channel bed processes on the river energy budget at an experimental site on the regulated River Blithe, Staffordshire,Expand
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Glacial rivers: physical habitat and ecology
1. This review examines the physical habitat and ecology of glacial rivers which have been relatively unstudied compared with rivers originating from other sources. 2. Typical glacial rivers haveExpand
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Riparian vegetation and island formation along the gravel‐bed Fiume Tagliamento, Italy
After more than 300 years of river management, scientific knowledge of European river systems has evolved with limited empirical knowledge of truly natural systems. In particular, little is known ofExpand
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Turbidity dynamics during spring storm events in an urban headwater river system: the Upper Tame, West Midlands, UK.
Turbidity is an important water quality variable, through its relation to light suppression, BOD impact, sediment-associated contaminant transport, and suspended sediment effects on organisms andExpand
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Impounded Rivers: Perspectives for Ecological Management
A comprehensive geographic analysis of the impact of dams and their associated reservoirs on rivers. Focuses on the river system downstream from the dam, including its floodplain, estuary or delta,Expand
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A reference river system for the Alps: the ‘Fiume Tagliamento’
A major deterrent to a full understanding of the ecological ramifications of river regulation at the catchment scale is a lack of fundamental knowledge of structural and functional attributes ofExpand
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Effects of deposited wood on biocomplexity of river corridors
Under natural conditions, most rivers are bordered by riparian woodland. Many studies have highlighted the ecological importance of these wooded zones, but the impact of riparian woodland dynamics onExpand
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The Tagliamento River: A model ecosystem of European importance
In NE Italy is a remarkable floodplain river that retains the dynamic nature and morphological complexity that must have characterized most Alpine rivers in the pristine stage. This river system, theExpand
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The role of coarse woody debris in forest aquatic habitats: Implications for management
1 Throughout the Temperate Forest biogeographical zone, river valleys were once heavily wooded. Fallen trees had a major impact upon river systems by ponding water and storing sediments, and valleyExpand
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